“If peacekeepers are introduced into the Donbass, they should never allow the appearance of servicemen of Belarus, an ally of Russia, in their composition.” Yuri Grymchak, Deputy Minister for the “occupied territories”, said this on Ukraine’s TV channel 112 . He went on to comment;

“This is not the first time this subject has been discussed, therefore I can say officially officially that Belarus is not considered a country that can participate in a peacekeeping mission.

First, we need to understand the last vote in the UN General Assembly. On the inclusion of the issue of individual regions of Lugansk and Donetsk regions – Belarus voted together with Russia “against” – this is the first.

And, secondly, we have justifiable suspicions that the Belarusian army can be with Belarusian stripes, but with Russian soldiers. Therefore, I think that this issue is totally unacceptable for Ukraine, ” 

His statements on the air of the television channel “Direct” supported by  political scientist Albert Feldmen, who said;

” There are certain concerns that Belarus will act on the side of the Russian Federation, these fears have always been. Until now, they manage to maneuver, but who knows how long they will maneuver. “

Earlier, the US special representative Kurt Volker stated that peacekeepers from Austria, Belarus, Serbia, Turkey, Sweden and Finland can be deployed in the Donbass, since such a composition of the mission, allegedly, can arrange both the West and Russia.

According to him, this list includes “several states that are viewed in Russia more as part of the West, and several states that are viewed in the West more as part of the CIS space.” Here he refers to Belarus and Serbia as part of the CIS space, as both are members.

The American diplomat also outlined the areas where the first units of the peacekeeping troops might appear. Volker said in an interview with Ekho Moskvy.

“There is a Donetsk filtration station. Both sides have heavy weapons too close to the station, even in accordance with agreements. There is a sniper fire. There is shooting on video cameras. Brigades of station personnel get under bombardment. Therefore, it would be reasonable, for example, to start from this site, where international forces will arrive, expand the control zone somewhat and create local security conditions that will help ensure the supply of clean water to the population.

Another such site is around Luganskaya Stanitsa. There is a border checkpoint. It’s very dangerous there. Again, the troops are too close. People die, crossing the border between the occupied zone and the rest of Ukraine, and therefore it makes sense to send international forces there and defuse the situation, ” 

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