MAJOR: Did Zionist Israel just attack Syria again?


Sources at Syrian intelligence have told Sputnik about an air strike in the suburbs of Damascus, outside one of the city’s military airports. Syrian state media, SANA, however, denied attack.

Blasts were heard from the direction of the Mezzeh military airbase in Syria, outside Damascus, early Sunday morning, a city resident and a pro-Syrian Lebanese television station said.

Syria has already accused Israel of attacking the base, which Israel has not specifically confirmed, although it has acknowledged air strikes in Syria.

Sources at the Syrian intelligence service have confirmed the spy attacks on Sputnik.

Users shared images of the alleged attack on Twitter.

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Reuters also quoted the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. According to this organization, the air strikes were carried out by Israel and resulted in deaths and injuries among the Syrian military.

According to the Sputnik source, the Mezzeh military airbase was not affected by the attack, but there were explosions at a nearby ammunition depot because of the attack.

The source specified that Syria’s air defense systems repelled air strikes.

The Times of Israel also reported, citing sources, that the attacks were carried out by Israeli aircraft.

Despite all the blame on Israel, other parts of the Syrian government claim it was an electrical fault at the base which caused the explosions.

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