MAJOR ESCALATION: US Carrier Group Harry Truman enters the Mediterranean


The U.S is increasing its aggressive war footing, in the aftermath of the entirely unprovoked and criminal attack by France and Israel upon Syrian and Russian forces on the evening of September 17th. The aircraft carrier group of the US Navy, led by the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, entered the Mediterranean Sea. This was reported by the press service of the US Navy.

It is noted that the operations are conducted “to continue the support of NATO allies, European and African partner countries, coalition partners and US national security interests in Europe and Africa.”

FRN will be monitoring this situation closely. FRN reports mid-level as well as major developments, this is a developing story related not only to ‘European and African partner countries’, but is clearly a sign of the tremendously intense stand-off taking place now in the East Mediterranean Sea.

In addition to the aircraft carrier, which carries nine squadrons of deck aviation, including helicopters, the group includes the missile cruiser Normandy and several destroyers.

According to the commander of the sixth fleet Lisa Franchetti, during the stay of the group in the Mediterranean it is planned to work out “the whole spectrum of sea operations”.

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Recall that on the eve of the  Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation accused the Israeli aircraft of the crash of the IL-20 in Syria . According to the official representative of the Ministry of Defense, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, Israeli pilots, under the cover of the IL-20, framed it under the impact of Syrian air defense. However, FRN has exposed that in all probability, the downing of the IL-20 was a result of the French attack. 

Later,  the Russian Foreign Ministry called on the Israeli Ambassador in connection with the Il-20 crash in Syria .

A Russian-Israeli writer and publicist, Israel Shamir, said that after provoking the Israeli side, as a result of which the Russian military flew on board the IL-20, the victims could close the sky over Syria .

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