MAJOR: Syrian Foreign Minister says US War on Syria is for ISRAEL


Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mualem believes that the United States’ goal is to control Syrian territory in accordance with Israel’s interests.

“I want to say that the American goals are not only American but also Israeli, which are being put into practice by the United States in Syria,” Mualem said during an interview with Russia’s MRE magazine Vida Internacional .

According to the head of Syria’s Foreign Ministry, everything started in 2011, when government troops began to face opposition factions and terrorist groups.

“First, they do not want Syria to be the main country of resistance to Israel. Secondly, they do not want Syria to have a strategic relationship with Iran and Russia,” the Syrian foreign minister added.

In addition, the minister commented that Washington wanted its country “to be like the other countries in the region, that is, to become an instrument of US foreign policy in accordance with the will of Israel.”

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“From this point on, I want to say that the US goal in Syria corresponds to control in accordance with Israel’s interests over all future Syrian actions,” he said.

The development of the conflict in Syria continues since 2011, while by the end of 2017 the victory over ISIS in Syria and Iraq was declared in regions of these countries with the support of the Aerospace Force of Russia, which together continue to expel militants. At present, political settlement and restoration of Syria are at the forefront.

This comes as the Syrian Army prepares to liberate the last major region of Syria held by jihadist groups, the northwest province of Idlib. Elite Syrian Army units, including the 4th Mechanized Units, the Tiger Forces and the Republican Guards, will be spearheading this operation to clear the entire province of jihadist forces, primarily the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front and their jihadist allies.

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