By Edward Liu


By Edward Liu – On the issue of Korea, it is becoming increasingly clear that General “Mad Dog” Mattis, General John Kelly, and the Pentagon top brass do not see eye to eye with Donald Trump on a whole host of issues, including:

1. Withdrawal of some 28,000 U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula.

Trump does not understand why both South Korea and Japan, both wealthy and developed, have to “mooch off”on U.S. military security protection, and not bear the burden for their own defense, and why the American military presence is even needed in East Asia.

2. Joint military drills between U.S. and South Korean military troops in Korea and East Asia which are draining American resources and stretching the U.S. defense budgets, under severe constraints from too many military overreaches overseas including NATO in Europe, the Mideast, two unending wars, and yes, in East Asia, with Japan and South Korea both “mooching off” America’s security umbrella.

3. Negotiating in good faith with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Apparently in Singapore, Trump promised KJU that he would reciprocate with KJU’s moves to start the process of first stopping missile tests, disarming it’s nuclear missiles platforms, with American moves to stop joint military drills with South Korea, and reciprocal moves to start withdrawing American troops from Korea.

Upon his return from Singapore, the Security-military-Intelligence-Pentagon officials led by “Mad Dog” Mattis nix Trump’s promises to reciprocate and as such the Singapore KJU-Trump summit has now been left in limbo, because Trump went out on a limb on promises which his own Pentagon-military-intelligence-security officials have now nixed and torpedoed.

The question now needs to be asked:

Are the apparatchiks of the military-security-Pentagon-security Deep State now plotting and conspiring to impeach and remove Trump from the White House and replace him with VP MIke Pence as a figurehead who is more pliant to the Deep State’s militarist postures and bellicosity?

Are Trump’s days numbered?

In this context, is Washington Post’ Bob Woodward’s new book, “FEAR,” Trump in the White House, is calculated leak by the Deep State security-intelligence-Pentagon-apparatchiks to overthrow Trump?

Is this a sinister plot to build up the groundwork to impeach Trump next year, 2019 after the mid-term elections in November ?

“Current and former Pentagon officials who have observed the relationship between Trump and “Mad Dog” Mattis firsthand cite growing signs of discord that raise questions about how much longer Mattis, long seen as a steadying force in the Trump Cabinet, will remain at the Pentagon.

More than specific policy disagreements, the growing estrangement stems from Trump’s belief that Mattis is secretly dismissive of him and constantly trying to outmaneuver him, officials say.

“He thinks Mattis isn’t loyal in the way Trump wants all his people to be loyal — publicly, unquestioningly and completely,” said a national security official who has observed the relationship and spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive topic.

On the other side, associates say Mattis’ frustration at Trump’s often impetuous style and penchant for blindsiding the Pentagon with major policy announcements could prompt him eventually to quit.

Query, is Trump really in charge at the White House? Can he trust anyone outside of his own family now?

As I have written before, in Washington D.C. nowadays, if you desire loyalty, get a dog…. but not a “Mad Dog” with two legs. Get one with four legs, preferably not from the insiders’ Demopublican power establishment. ….. not from the “Swamps.”

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