The relations between Hungary and Ukraine continue to sour, as we see the Kiev government fail on its commitments and regional obligations to stability.  Originally Hungary expressed grave concerns about the treatment of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine at the hands of the neo-nazi and Banderist, U.S installed junta governing Kiev. Even as such, Hungary sold Ukraine some 60+ well functioning Soviet era tanks while it was engaged in its failed gambit to put down a Russian backed insurgency in the east of the country.

As Hungary is a country in the region which has begun to challenge its commitments to the Atlanticist paradigm, chiefly in the financial sector by bucking the IMF after making good on its debts. Now they are clear they face a serious military-destabilization threat if the present Ukrainian government continues to follow Washington and Wall Street’s marching orders. As a result, we have arrived at the present situation.

Hungary blocked the holding of the Ukraine-NATO commission at the level of the defense ministers, which was to take place at the NATO headquarters on October 3 and 4 at the alliance headquarters.

This was reported on Wednesday by the press service of the mission of Ukraine to NATO.

“Now there is no agreement on the holding of the Ukraine-NATO commission at the level of defense ministers. While holding such a meeting is not expected, – said the spokesperson for the mission. “It’s no secret that Hungary has recently blocked holding meetings of the Ukraine-NATO commission at a level higher than the ambassador, so this is also connected with this.”

Ukraine’s mission to NATO has previously taken measures to ensure that Ukraine’s Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak was invited in the framework of the North Atlantic Council meeting at the level of defense ministers of NATO member states.

Recall that the relationship between Kiev and Budapest over the past year and a half has heated up to a critical level. On Wednesday, September 26th, the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Hungary could not solve the problem of issuing Hungarian passports to Ukrainians.

After an unsuccessful meeting with the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Klimkin decided to expel a consul from the Ukrainian city of Berehove.

Hungarian Foreign and Trade Minister Peter Siyarto responded immediately, saying that as soon as Ukraine expels the Hungarian consul, Hungary will expel the Ukrainian one.


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3 years ago

the Banderast oligarchs are only in it for the money they can steal by fire-sale-ing the country and scamming off the IMF and trousering. Why would anyone give the zio-filth even the time of day?

3 years ago

This has SOREASS wrote all over it.

3 years ago

Lol at the NATO dogs battling it out with each other!

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