NATO Warships Amassed by Syria just before Attack on Lattakia


Published on: Sep 18, 2018 @ 10:58 – Combat vessels from the Second Standing NATO Maritime Group (NATO Maritime Group 2) moved closer to Syria’s borders on the 16th of September, according to monitoring data from Western naval forces. In retrospect, we can see this sudden buildup as related to the French/US/Israeli strike on Lattakia and the downing of the Russian il-20 aircraft carrying 14 Russian soldiers

In particular, the eastern Mediterranean is now being patrolled by the Canadian Navy frigate HMCS Ville de Quebeс, by the Greek navy ship Elli and by the Dutch Navy frigate HNLMS De Ruyter, the latter being the group’s flagship.

According to Russian media , the information on the displacement of the ships was confirmed by the captain of the Dutch frigate.

In addition to the aforementioned vessels, three American destroyers (USS Carney, USS Ross and USS Winston S. Churchill) are already in the region, as well as the USS 6th Fleet Admiral USS Mount Whitney. The waters are also being patrolled by at least three Los Angeles-class US nuclear submarines. According to Western observers, the armament of the current US naval group in the Mediterranean includes more than 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Earlier, near the Syrian coast was noted the nuclear submarine HMS Talent of the British Navy, equipped with 10 Tomahawk missiles.

The Russian Defense reported on the increase of the US naval force in the Mediterranean even at the end of August. According to the Russian military, the United States is planning to seize a provocation with alleged chemical weapons and then attack Syria.

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This comes as days ago the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Bulkeley (DDG-84) entered the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltar, according to Gibraltar’s maritime monitoring data.

With the arrival of another US destroyer equipped with 56 Tomahawk cruise missiles to the Mediterranean Sea, the United States would have 200 missiles in the region available to attack targets in Syria.

In the waters of the Mediterranean Sea are four North American destroyers: USS Bulkeley, USS Carney, USS Ross and USS Winston S. Churchill.

In addition, the Los Angeles-class US Navy USS Newport News (SSN-750) equipped with Tomahawk also reached the Mediterranean.

At the beginning of September, Russia carried out major naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, involving 26 warships, two submarines and Tu-160, Tu-142, Il-38, Su-33 and Su-30SM aircraft. The presence of Russian ships in the area was seen as an obstacle to possible further US attacks on the Arab country.

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