Netanyahu WARNS Putin that Syrian S-300 ‘MAY BRING RISKS!’


Sep 25, 2018 @ 18:49 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has apparently given a very serious warning to President Vladimir Putin, that risks in the region are likely to only increase after the transfer of Syria S-300 complexes. According to the press service of the cabinet of Israel, the prime minister voiced this position during a telephone conversation with the Russian leader on September 24th.

“The Prime Minister said that the transfer of modern weapon systems to irresponsible hands could increase the risks in the region, and also that Israel will continue to defend its security interests,” Tass quotes an excerpt from the message of the office.

At the same time, Netanyahu expressed his condolences in connection with the death of the Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20 and its crew, but stressed that it remains convinced of the correctness of the conclusions and data on this situation provided by the IDF.

“The responsibility for this tragic incident rests with the Syrian army that shot down the aircraft and Iran, whose aggression undermines stability,” Netanyahu’s press service quoted him as saying. At the same time, during the telephone talks the parties agreed to continue contacts and coordination on Syria.

FRN notes the egregious distortion of reality promoted by Netanyahu. Syria has committed precisely zero acts of aggression against its neighbors, whereas Israel is – under UN condemnation in fact – is committing an act of aggression through its occupying a whole part of Syria known as the Golan Heights. In addition, Israel regularly violates Syrian airspace and strikes Syrian targets on Syrian territory, with absolutely no pretext or reason given. Analysts have been left to conclude that, in combination with public admissions on the part of the Israeli government that they are aiding ISIS and Al Qaeda (Al Nusra, etc.), that these strikes are meant to improve the position of Isis and Al Qaeda (together, Daesh), in Syria. No other explanation in fact seems to work.

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September 17th, when returning to the airbase Khemeymim in Latakia, Syrian air defense systems allegedly shot down a Russian Il-20. On board there were 15 servicemen, all of them were killed. At the same time, four Israeli F-16 fighters attacked Syrian targets in the province. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation laid the responsibility for the incident on Tel Aviv, as Israeli pilots deliberately created a dangerous situation in the region and substituted the IL-20 under attack.

FRN also has assessed Israeli geopolitics and its influence upon the US and EU. France’s government now is in power as a result of US and Zionist interference in France’s sovereign political process. In the last election, real polling and the mood on the streets indicated a win for the National Front and Le Pen. Evidence of election fraud and media manipulation combined produce a victory for the Anglo-Zionist shill, Macron. Therefore, while it is likely France that shot down the Il-20, it was doing so in the interests of Israel – as outlined for example in its Yinon Plan, and therefore responsibility does fall on Israel.

September 24, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that after this incident, Russia is forced to take additional security measures and supply Syria with a battery of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems within two weeks. Their command posts are equipped with Russian automatic systems that will be able to “recognize” the aircraft of the Russian Air Force.

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