New horror added to Ukraine’s war on Donetsk: bombs from drones

Air&Space magazine presented the making of drones as a Ukrainian cottage industry.


Translated from the Novorosinform report

The report from the man injured by the bomb dropped from a Ukrainian Armed Forces drone in Sakhanka.

Translator commentary: The February number of Smithsonian’s Air&Space magazine had this nice article:

The Fighting Drones of Ukraine

In garages and warehouses around Kiev, an army of gadgeteers takes on the Russian war machine.

I no longer subscribe. You can read it here:

They knew the truth, as their first illustration, copied for the heading of this article, had their caption “Members of Sich Battalion, a pro-Ukrainian volunteer force formed in 2015, provide cover fire for returning comrades who have fired an anti-tank rocket in a once-prosperous suburb of Donetsk. Volunteer units have since been integrated into the Ukrainian Armed Forces. (John Wendle)”  Get that: a “pro-Ukrainian volunteer force”! So innocent!

Did they not know the nature of the Sich Battalion, and what it means if the Sich Battalion is now part of the Ukrainian regular army? In the following report, we see Ukrainian “cottage industry” drones in use for combat reports and actual attacks on civilians.

This morning one of the families of Sakhanka was busy with household chores in their garden. As they gardened, they began hearing the hum of an unmanned aerial vehicle near the yard. Then came the explosion. This was in the commentary of Alexei Smirnov, the commander of the “Angel” battalion Alexei Smirnov, who interviewed the man injured in the explosion.

“We were in the yard of our house and busy in cleaning, weeding, tending flowerbeds. After about 20 minutes came the hum of a drone. There was no shelling either before or after. There was just the explosion of the projectile. I got injured in the forearm, abdomen and leg,” he said.

An eyewitness of the incident who was in the yard reported that he personally saw how the “silver point” separated from the drone and flew down – after which there was an explosion.

“The drone begins hovering, it freezes on the spot, the silver point is separated from the fuselage, and afterwards the explosion,” he said.

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According to Alexei Smirnov, there was an obscene inscription on the shell:  “Up yours, Russia.”

Earlier, the officer of the 53rd OMB of the APU Stefan with the call sign “Stirlitz” published footage taken from an unmanned aircraft which demonstrates the that Ukrainian fighters are using unmanned aircraft for terrorist purposes.

Recall that the Ukrainian troops in the morning opened a massive fire around the village of Sakhanka in the south of the DNR. As a result of the shooting, two civilians were wounded.

In the morning, Ukrainian militants also opened fire on Gorlovka. Gorlovka military corps “Doctor Gore” unveiled photos and video from the sites of destruction in the city.

Recall, the OSCE special monitoring mission (CMM) reported a sharp increase in the number of violations of the ceasefire in the Donbass by more than 30%.

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