North American analyst questions F-22 combat capability


The US F-22 fifth-generation heavy fighter is not fit to fight the best Russian planes, nor to intercept border raids – that was the conclusion of Business Insider magazine columnist Alex Lockie.

Recently in the Alaskan sky were brand new fighters from the US Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Force. According to the magazine’s analyst, in case of a fight between the two planes, the Americans would have lost.

While the “younger brother” of the F-22 Raptor, the F-35 Lightning II, was designed primarily to attack light targets in the air or bomb ground facilities, representing the class of light assault aircraft, the Raptor aims to ensure air supremacy, aiming to clear and defend airspace over the battlefield, Lockie said.

In turn, in Russia are the Su-30SM and Su-35 high-maneuvering fighters that fulfill this function. Compared to Russian aircraft, the US aircraft pale, not only because of stealth technologies, according to the magazine .

The F-22 has little armament, the aircraft bets on its stealth capabilities. Thus, a face-to-face encounter with modern Russian hunting would put him in a disadvantageous position, says the columnist.

According to him, the Su-35 has better maneuverability, which gives it a great advantage by avoiding being hit by enemy missiles, both during long-range combat and in close combat.

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“‘My objective wouldn’t be to get in a turning fight’ with an adversary. Instead, Berke said he would use the F-22’s natural advantages of stealth to avoid the dogfight,” retired pilot David Berke told Business Insider.

Alex Lockie also pointed out that stealth abilities can be a double-edged sword.

To use them, one attacks with the radar off, using a long-range radar surveillance aircraft that detects and tracks the targets. However, if the latter is shot down, taking into account that the Russian army has special long-range anti-aircraft missiles, the F-22 will be blind and helpless.

He added that stealth technologies make the Raptor little useful for protecting American borders. When a fighter approaches a plane that has entered the airspace, it shows its missiles suspended under the wings as a deterrent. But the F-22’s armament is hidden in internal compartments of the fuselage, due to sneaky design, so it has nothing to show, concludes the author.

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