Op-ed: The Myth of US “Inaction” in Syria


It is beyond annoying to hear people say that “we must do something!” when it comes to Syria. You already have. The US “inaction” in Syria is a myth that has been propagandized by politicians and the mainstream media in the most shameless fashion.

It is the US and their allies who have been supplying terrorist groups (both local and foreign) in Syria with money and weapons since as early as 2011 (Wikileaks publications suggest that the US officials planned an anti-Assad regime change since as early as 2006).

Moreover, the US has been directly, officially (yet illegally) involved in the conflict militarily since September 2014, conducting airstrikes and setting up military bases in a sovereign country.

Syria used to be a nice, peaceful, secular state before the West (represented by the US and their NATO vassals), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and (in part) Turkey started taking steps to destabilize the country. Syria was not without its own issues, of course, but nobody was beheading anyone, there were no bombings, district sieges or water supply shortages, and cities like Aleppo used to be among the richest, most prosperous trade hubs in the Middle East.

Thanks for “doing something” and ruining it all!

All the Syrian refugees and all the child suffering that we observe there nowadays is exactly because your governments have been “doing something” there for years, namely provoking, supporting, and aiding the bloodbath civil war, infesting this region with jihadi head-choppers and “accidently” bombing (on multiple occasions) the Syrian Arab Army forces who fight Daesh/Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

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You sobbing over dead children and demanding further military intervention just exposes you as the cheap tools you are. So easily manipulated by the propaganda produced by government funded “NGOs” and recycled by the mainstream media, without any facts, the propaganda that bypasses any critical thinking (assuming you’re capable of it) through primitive emotional channels.

It is your pseudo-humanism that enables the bloodbath and suffering. It is your willingness to jump on the “Assad must go” bandwagon after seeing sad pictures produced by UK funded groups such as White Helmets, who have been repeatedly caught staging events, that allows your politicians to gain support for escalating the conflict.

You are gullible, impressionable idiots.

Your concern for kids’ suffering is understandable, though. Anyone who doesn’t have serious moral deficits would find it heart-breaking to see what children go through in some parts of Syria nowadays. It is only that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, especially if your intentions come as a result of ignorance, misinformation, misinterpretation and blatant pro-war propaganda.

Don’t let them exploit your feelings. Do research. Consult alternative sources. Dig deeper. Form balanced views on issues and always try to see a bigger picture.


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