Orban to Eu Parliament: “We will neither be threatened nor blackmailed”

The charge: "Deviation from European values"


Published on: Sep 11, 2018 @ 23:12 – Sergei Guneev in Sputnik Moldova:*

Orban To the European Parliament: We will not be threatened or blackmailed!

Viktor Orban said from the tribunal of the European Parliament he will continue to defend his country and will not allow pro-migration forces to threaten and blackmail Hungary.

BUCHAREST, Sept 11 – Sputnik. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a hearing in the European Parliament on a draft resolution urging punitive measures against Budapest that he would “prevent pro-migration forces from blackmailing Hungary.”

The European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties and Justice submitted a report and a resolution by Judith Sargentini on Tuesday to the European Council proposing to find, in accordance with Article 7 of the EU agreement, that “there are major risks of a breach of by Hungary of fundamental values of the Union.” The European Parliament has for the first time used the procedure for drafting and debating the document that concerns the application of Article 7 of the EU Treaty vis-a-vis Hungary.

The European Parliament proposes to assess the functioning of the constitutional and electoral system, the independence of the judiciary and other institutions, the rights of judges, the fight against corruption, freedom of expression and belief, respect for the rights of minorities and migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, economic and social situation in Hungary.

“I know that my speech will not change the opinion you have already formed and that you will vote with a majority vote for this report. However, I am in front of you and I will continue to defend my country from the moment you want to condemn Hungary, a country that has fought for freedom and democracy,” Orban said, addressing MEPs in Strasbourg.

According to him, the document to be debated represents a lack of respect for Hungary. “You have adopted such a position as if you know and can decide what is best for the Hungarian people,” the Hungarian prime minister said.

“This report, by poorly informed people, contains over 37 serious factual errors,” Orban said.

“I do not accept that the pro-migration forces threaten and blackmail us. Hungary will defend its borders from illegal migration,” said the Hungarian PM, noting that he has a separate stance on the issue of migration. He also said that “Hungary is ready for next year’s European Parliament elections.”

The author of the draft resolution calling for measures against Hungary because of deviation from European values in turn urged lawmakers to support her initiative.

“Tomorrow, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, will give a speech on the state of the Union. I wonder nowadays: what is the Union? Unfortunately, few things have changed since the debates of this report in June. I am disappointed that Member States are closing their eyes on what is happening in Hungary. If today we do not apply this mechanism, then we will show that we are not able to achieve what we have promised to citizens,” said Sargentini.

The representative of the European Council, in his turn, said that at the moment he can not express his position, because the debates have just begun.

Frans Timmermans, First Deputy President of the European Commission, reminded MEPs of the measures that the European Commission had previously adopted in response to the violation by Budapest of Community Rules and ensured that the body he represents will continue to closely follow all processes.

In July, the European Commission addressed the EU Court of Justice regarding the failure of Hungary to comply with legislation on the provision of asylum for migrants.


*A language note: I confess I have no training in Romanian language, but your translator began his career as a student of Latin in 1957, 61 years ago. Training in French and Italian followed on in 1961. A consequence is that any Romance Language comes through. Sometimes I have to think to realize which Romance language I am reading.

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