Poroshenko suing BBC over their report that he paid to meet Trump

Kiev's $600,000 contract with a US lobbying firm is on record with the US Department of Justice


Via Novorosinform:
President of Ukraine Poroshenko has filed suit in the UK court against the BBC television and radio company for alleging that he paid about $400 thousand for a meeting with US President Donald Trump. This is reported by the newspaper Daily Telegraph with reference to documents received.

In the filing, Poroshenko’s lawyers reject these statements and aver that the publication “seriously damaged” Poroshenko’s reputation and “caused concern and confusion.” As stated in the document, the British company “has no evidence of carrying out payments or secret negotiations.”

Recall that on May 12, 2017, the Verkhovna Rada deputy Artemenko said that Kiev paid $400 thousand for a meeting of the Ukrainian delegation with senior US officials.

In early January of the same year it became known that the government of Ukraine, represented by the deputy head of the Poroshenko administration, Dmitry Shimkov, signed an annual contract worth $ 600 thousand with the American consulting company BGR Group. The company, engaged in mostly Republican lobbying interests, signed a contract with Kiev on December 23. Information on the transaction is available on the website of the Foreign Agencies Registration Department (FARA) of the US Department of Justice.

According to political analyst Alexander Asafov, the political meaning of this contract was that Poroshenko was aware of political competition from his former “colleagues” and “friends” and tried to work out his own connections in the Trump administration.

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It is characteristic that Artemenko himself also resorted to the services of professional American lobbyists. The former “radical” hired an American lobbyist, Armstrong, for $ 30,000 a month.

In February 2017, Artemenko proposed to Trump the plan for a “peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis,” including, among other things, “the withdrawal of Russian forces from the eastern part of Ukraine” and the holding of a referendum in Ukraine on the possibility of transferring Crimea to Russia for a period of 30 to 50 years. As a result, in late April, President Poroshenko stripped the deputy of Ukrainian citizenship.

We add that following the results of a six-minute protocol reception with Trump, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Pavlo Klimkin publicly announced that the US is ready to join the “Norman four.”

However, later Klimkin’s deputy denied the statements of his leader.

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