Putin: Russian Weapons Now Outperform Foreign Counterparts


The new weapons that the Russian Armed Forces will receive under the National Armament Program outweigh the foreign counterparts, assured Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, the president added that it remains vital to develop new types of weapons.

“An important and crucial issue on our agenda is to define the beginning of yet another innovative government weapons program, and we will begin the current program, which will last until 2027,” said the Russian president.

“The current program takes into account new global development trends weapons and military equipment and also the experience gained from using these weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic,” he continued.

In addition, he added during the meeting of the Industrial Military Commission that, thanks to the new program, the Russian troops will receive brand new weapons that, due to their technical characteristics, “surpass the foreign analogues.”

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Referring to specific weapons, the president mentioned the Sarmat strategic missile system, the Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation fighter, the Armata tank equipped with an advanced protection system, the S-500 air defense system, and the project 677.

“We must go ahead and start today to plan the development and future manufacture of new innovative weapons, which will determine the image of the Russian Armed Forces in the long term, in the coming decades,” said the president.

On March 1, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about a range of new armaments that Russia has recently begun to produce, including hypersonic weapons. The Russian leader later said Russia could use nuclear weapons only as a retaliatory measure.

With the rapid development of such technologically advanced weapons, Russia is increasingly becoming a top arms manufacturer and exporter, so much so that many historically pro-US states such as Turkey, are choosing to buy Russian weapons rather than US-made. The S-400 is now sought after through out the globe, including Turkey to

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