Quick & Silent: Meet the New Russian Mortar


Russian special forces have just received an unequaled weapon. The 82mm Russian 2B25 Gall mortar is a silent and very light weapon that has already attracted the interest of Russian and foreign specialists.

The structure of the mortar is quite simple and typical for weapons of the genre. However, the Gall are compact and weigh just 13 pounds.

By way of comparison, the 120 mm mortar Podnos weighs more than triple. Due to its small size, the 2B25 requires only two operators. And to carry it, just one person.

The gun is detachable and takes about 30 seconds to mount.

Gall’s most striking feature is its projectiles. Thanks to their shape, the shots are relatively quiet and can be compared to shots of the AK-47 with a muffler.

To make the mortar silent a special piston is used, which blocks the gases when the shot is fired. In addition, this weapon does not create shock waves or smoke.

The scope of the mortar is of 2,000 meters and, therefore, it is impossible to locate the marksman. In addition, the weapon allows launching of up to 15 projectiles per minute.

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Mortars are a very popular weapon because they do not require much military training. In addition, it is an efficient weapon thanks to the shooting speed. Its main disadvantage is the noise and flash produced at the time of shooting.

In this context, the characteristics of the Russian weapon constitute a crucial virtue. Some countries have already shown an interest in this new Russian weapon.

Meanwhile, the Precision Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (TsNIITochMash) is developing a new airborne mortar to replace the existing 2S9 Nona-S, as reported by the Defense Blog back in August.

The new 120mm 2S42 self-propelled mortar model was displayed at the 2017 ARMY forum in Russia, in the Moscow region.

The 2S42 Lotos has an automated tower type compartment, equipped with a 120 mm mortar. The mortar uses ammunition specially developed for this artillery system, and is also compatible with any type of projectile for 120 mm mortars, according to the Defense Blog .

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