From pro-Military Dictatorship to 'Liberal Democracy' - the unifying theme is ATLANTICISM


Dispatch from New Resistance, Brazil – One of the largest national cancers, responsible for the country’s main problems since its inception, is Rede Globo. Rede Globo is not only the main diffuser of Fake News in the country, but also the main tool of liberal global hegemony.

The origins of this corporation tell the whole truth and will guide their whole history. The television permission to Radio Globo was vetoed by Getúlio Vargas, but released by Juscelino Kubitschek. It should not be surprising, therefore, that Globo demonizes Vargas and treat JK as the greatest president of our history.

In the early 1960’s Grupo Globo received from the American company Time-Life the capital to found Rede Globo de Televisão. A completely unconstitutional agreement and questioned by deputies in CPI in 1965. But the military regime has managed to run over the legality to guarantee the foundation of Rede Globo. From then on, Globo would serve as a propaganda body for the military government and the US government, especially the interests of the Democratic Party (which has always been linked to Time Warner).

Criticisms of Rede Globo are not limited, even the Zionist controlled Wikipedia still has (as of 21-9-18) a decent explanation of the Rede Globo problem. 

Since then, Rede Globo has been involved in everything that is harmful to the country. Not even the taxes due, paid by all good citizens, are paid by Globo. On the contrary, she is one of the biggest tax evaders in the country. The company is so dirty that even its processed paperwork in the Federal Revenue disappeared a few years ago.

In the state of Rio de Janeiro alone, Globo owes nearly 800 million reais ($196.2 million USD . Already to the Federal Revenue, the sum exceeds 600 million Reais. To speak of a Brazilian economic crisis is to speak, first of all, of these megacorporations, which either deny or lobby for exemptions, and thus sink the Brazilian state with obscene profits.

Globo has also assumed, in recent years, the role of the paladin of the politically correct. Its bombardment against the moral values ​​and cultural roots of the Brazilian people is daily. There is not a single custom, value or taboo that is not attacked by Rede Globo programs, which is proud of its influence on the Brazilian people’s lifestyle.

At the same time, Globo also stands as the champion of economic liberalism and liberal centrism. It takes liberal ideological stances as being “good sense,” “reasonableness,” and “science,” concealing its ideological character. It depicts clumsy and nefarious figures such as Macron, Macri, Doria, and Clinton as bastions of civilization, vociferating hatred against “populists.”

Geopolitically, Globo adheres to Atlantic unipolarism. Any non-aligned government is called a “regime.” Several of these have their leaders called dictators, live, and openly, in clear offense to the most basic principles of diplomacy. Globo enthusiastically supports the Syrian terrorists and celebrated the overthrow and murder of the “dictator” Gaddafi.

Pictured below: Globo offers a ‘fun’ voter guide app, to make sure you vote as Globo wants. From being a constitutionally illegal ‘exception’ placed by the U.S backed Brazilian military dictatorship, they continue on as the mouth-piece for pro-U.S, anti-democratic politics, but now using the ‘late-modernity themes’ of liberal democracy, human rights, diversity, and a bright and friendly ‘rainbow’ colored aesthetic presentation:

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The last World Cup showed a broadcaster that seemed to have directed all its journalists to open criticism of Russia, its society, its people and its government. To this day, Globo calls for a “colored revolution” in that country.

There is nothing that can be redeemed on Globo. There is no positive point on this station or any good it has done. Even the “Criança Esperança” and other philanthropic initiatives led by the broadcaster are under strong suspicion.

Note the recent case of the National Museum fire. Rede Globo rushed to raise all the walls and possible defense instruments to protect the PEC from the Roof of Expenses and the austerity policies of the federal government. Through manipulated information, she tries to throw all responsibility on UFRJ.

Among all the enemies of the country, this is perhaps the main one. There may not be any organization that has done more damage to Brazil than Rede Globo.

Extinguishing Globo has become a matter of economic, political, cultural and moral health for Brazil.



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