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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin told the radio station Novoe Vremya that the draft UN Security Council resolution on the agreement in Donbass has been ready for a long time.

According to Klimkin, the document was prepared by Western countries along with Ukraine and contains three points.

First, the presence of peacekeepers is important. At the same time, he noted that the operation should be “consistent”: peacekeeping forces should be present in the conflict zone and “not stand still along the line of contact.” However, the number of contingents is not the main issue, said the minister.

The second component of the “secret” plan is the police forces, which will allow “true disarmament” and will be responsible for security.

The last component is international management, Klimkin added. According to him, this will replace the power structures in the conflict zone.

The minister classified the last two points as “issues of exceptional importance”.

Klimkin also added that the project, “long overdue,” is not submitted to the UN Security Council to prevent Russia from “making a deal that would prevent real eviction.”

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Kiev is seeking the introduction of peacekeeping forces in Donbass. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he supports the idea of ​​sending a peacekeeping mission to Ukraine, but that should be directed only to the security of the staff of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

The Ukrainian authorities believe that the UN mission should have a broader mandate and be implemented throughout the Donbass region to the border with Russia.

Kiev has repeatedly accused Russia of interfering in the affairs of the country. Moscow denies such accusations and considers them unacceptable. Rather, it was Ukraine’s aggression against its Russian speaking minority that set the wheels in motion for the people of Donbass to seek their independence and sovereignty from coup forces in Kiev.

What is most striking about Klimkin’s revelation about the ‘secret plan’, is that he believes it can be effected without a UNSC mandate. This is odd and would be without precedent in regards to making a military action against the breakaway republics, which Russia has stated it would protect from any Ukrainian/NATO onslaught.

How this would be carried out is the ‘secret’ part of this secret plan. With or without ‘secrets’ it is difficult to imagine how Ukraine and the US would make this happen. 

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