Russia and China working together to checkmate the US


Russian shipbuilders are ready to build helicopter carriers to foreign countries in case of relevant applications, Russia’s Minister of Industry and Commerce, Denis Manturov, said.

“I can only say that we are really capable of building helicopter carriers and selling them to customers, including foreigners, who are interested in this,” said Manturov.

The development of technology has become a necessity. Russia planned to buy amphibious assault ships from the Mistral class of France, but the €1.2 billion contract was officially closed in 2015 because of sanctions against Russia.

Back in August, Manturov said that Russia would build amphibious assault ships capable of carrying helicopters.

Meanwhile, an American edition called the Russian Su-35 fighters a “nightmare” of the US Air Force. Military expert Viktor Baranets stressed that, in fact, the Russian airliner bears the interest of numerous countries, including NATO members.

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The National Interest portal called the Russian aircraft Su-35, which has just entered the service of the China Air Force, a nightmare and headache for American aviation in the Asian region.

According to the author, the Su-35, coded in the NATO system as Flanker-Е +, is one of the best fighters within the Chinese Air Force. The presence of such aircraft significantly strengthens the Chinese military weight in the Asia-Pacific region, writes the issue.

In addition, the magazine highlights the fact that the all-new PL-15 Chinese air-to-air missile, which can be installed in Su-35, poses a threat to the US and its allies. This dangerous “tandem”, the edition highlights, can be used to attack American refueling aircraft and other supporting aircraft, such as Aircraft Alert and Control System (AWACS) E-3 which, in turn, play a key role in US Air Force operations in this region.

The contract for delivery of 24 Su-35 4-generation multifunctional fighters from Russia to China was concluded in 2015. In addition, aircraft of this type are in service of the Russian Aerospace Force. It is worth mentioning that for many of its characteristics the airplane corresponds to the standards of the fighters of 5th generation.

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