Russia develops special radar for drones used in Arctic exploration


Russia has successfully developed and tested a radar that can be used on drones to explore the Arctic region, said the director general of Russian company RTI Systems, Maksim Kuzyuk.

“According to the results of the research, the experimental prototype of our airborne radar, which we plan to install on unmanned aerial vehicles, has demonstrated results that go beyond the characteristics of the previous aerial radars. It is able to determine the level of cohesion, type and trajectory of the ice movement, as well as explore the meteorological situation,” Kuzyuk said.

The relevance of this device is determined by the fact that in Russia today there are no serially produced systems capable of conducting an exploration operation on frozen fields and monitoring the drift of icebergs, according to the CEO.

“For this reason, the effectiveness of search and rescue operations is complicated, the geological exploration work is not fully implemented and the safety of navigation on the Arctic routes decreases.”

The new Arctic radar is capable of assessing the thickness of the ice in the navigation route of ships, providing information support for rescue operations and performing environmental monitoring of the Arctic platform, the entrepreneur ends.

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This comes as the Russian consortium Kalashnikov said it had developed an unmanned aerial vehicle that could land on the surface of the water.

The ZALA 421-10 unmanned aerial vehicle was built on ZALA 421-08M and has all the advantages of a flying wing type aircraft, such as the ability to adapt to all weather conditions, reduced weight, quick start and resistance to strong winds.

“The ability of an unmanned vehicle to land on the surface of the water offers advantages in its application to wetlands and regions where water surfaces occupy a large area, for example to monitor oil pipelines in central Siberia,” the statement said.

The drone distinguishes itself by a longer flight time – more than two hours. In addition, the payload capacities have been improved and has a waterproof structure. The 24 megapixel resolution camera lets you shoot detailed aerial photography at great speed. The HD video camera shoots with high quality and can perform a wide range of tasks.

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