Russia warding off an attack on Syria? Continues impressive training regime in the Mediterranean


The Russian military has carried out more than 50 combat exercises with activities made by the Navy and the Aerospace Forces in the Mediterranean Sea. The aviation conducted 50 attacks and 15 in-flight refueling operations, said Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev, commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy.

“Today, more than 50 combat exercises have been successfully carried out by Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces, more than 50 naval aviation attacks have been carried out, during which 15 refueling operations were carried out in the air,” Korolev revealed during the exercise inspection in Syria.

He added that the military also conducted 150 training exercises for naval combat teams.

“I want to point out that such maneuvers are taking place for the first time in the history of modern Russia, and modern warships, supply ships and naval aviation are participating in them,” added the admiral.

The Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces are conducting joint large-scale drills in the Mediterranean Sea from September 1 to September 8. The exercises involve 26 warships from the North, Baltic, Black Sea and Caspian Flotilla, including two long-range submarines, military transport and naval aircraft.

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This comes as it is expected the United States, the United Kingdom and France will launch an attack on Syria as they prepare to liberate jihadist-held Idlib province from terrorist forces. The US has said it will launch attacks if chemical weapons are used by the Syrian government, allowing an opening of terrorist forces to create a false flag as they have done several times, most infamously in Douma.

Although it is unlikely that Russia will retaliate to such an attack against Syria, perhaps the significant military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea will be enough to deter the imperialist powers from conducting an attack against Syrian military positions to try and save their jihadist allies. It is expected that the Syrian Army will begin their offensive against jihadist forces in Idlib province this month.

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