Russian gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea is becoming UNSTOPPABLE


The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline system will double the supply of natural gas to Germany across the Baltic Sea, avoiding Ukraine.

With the first pipelines already in deep water, this is a sign that the Russian pipeline is now unstoppable, according to Forbes.

In the Gulf of Finland, the Solitaire ship works twenty-four hours a day to complete work before the end of next year. This rapidity means that those involved are fully confident in the implementation of the project, which would only be canceled if Denmark forbade the construction in its waters.

However, in this case it would only be necessary to change the route of the pipeline, causing it to pass through the Danish exclusive economic zone in international waters. Indeed, there is already an official document for this and there would be no arguments to reject it, according to Forbes.

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If Denmark tries to ban the construction in its exclusive economic zone, this would generate a serious loss of reputation for the country, as Finland, Sweden and Germany have already approved the construction in its waters.

Other countries, which fear losing revenue with the Russian gas pipeline, are also against construction, especially Ukraine. However, Russia continues to encourage European countries, insisting that the project is purely economic.
The construction would only face a problem if Angela Merkel changed her mind, but that is unlikely to happen, since in a recent meeting with President Vladimir Putin she indicated that Germany is prepared to complete it.

It is worth mentioning that the Nord Stream 2 project is facing US opposition, which threatens with sanctions the European companies that invest in the pipeline. However, construction goes on and it is increasingly difficult to stop it. In fact, the system, which will cross Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2019.

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