Russian-Indian Military Cooperation Immune to ‘Geopolitical Changes’, expert says

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The media recently reported on India’s final decision to buy five regiments of the brand-new Russian S-400 systems. Political-military scientist Andrei Koshkin said this proves how geopolitical changes do not affect cooperation between the two partner countries.

The Times of India reported, citing its sources in the government, about India’s willingness to sign a $5.43 billion deal. It is anticipated that the decision was taken on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s visit to the country, scheduled for the beginning of October. However, official confirmation has not yet come.

Deliveries of the S-400 Triumph and frigates from project 11356 were agreed between Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October 2016. If the contract is officially closed, India will become the third foreign buyer of the Russian S-400 missiles, after China and Turkey.

It is not surprising that Indian plans trigger Washington’s concern that it does not even preclude introducing sanctions, just as it did with China.

However, Russian expert Andrei Koshkin believes that Russian-Indian bilateral cooperation is something that is not subject to geopolitical disturbances.

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“We must take into account the irrefutable fact that military cooperation between India and Russia is a traditionally established, secure relationship that usually results in the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of arms and equipment from Russian military enterprises. The anti-aircraft missile complex S-400 Triumph enjoys a great popularity, the main countries of the world would like to buy them,” he said.

The expert pointed out that the Russian-Indian talks in this regard took some time, with even a drop in the agreed price. However, he asserts, this does not mean a loss to Russia.

“The conclusion of the contract and the commencement of S-400 deliveries are expected to occur by the end of the current year, with full compliance with the contract within the next two years,” he said.

The S-400 Triumph is a brand new system of large and medium range anti-aircraft missiles, aimed at eliminating aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, including medium range missiles as well as ground targets.

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