Russian MP Kalashnikov: Time to stop chasing illusions and recognize DPR and LPR

Assassination of Zakharchenko means opportunities for diplomacy are done


Novorosiform reports:

After the assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko, the leader of the DPR, it has become clear that hopes for a dialogue with Kiev have not materialized. It’s time for Moscow to stop building illusions and recognize the Donetsk andLugansk Peoples Republics. Leonid Kalashnikov said this in an interview with the Moscow Komsomolets. Kalshnikov is the chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS, Eurasian integration, and relations with compatriots

According to him, Russia is obliged to react to the situation with the murder of Zakharchenko.

“The State Duma, of course, will speak on this account. In any case, our committee will definitely insist on this, as soon as the “plenary meeting” meets. But, as you know, the possibilities of parliament are limited. We appeal to the OSCE, PACE, to other international organizations, and they chose to spit on our statements,” Kalashnikov said.

At the same time, he noted that he does not expect any serious reaction from the executive power.

“The Russian official position has always been: we do not interfere in the affairs of the DPR-LPR and Ukraine. And I think that this line, unfortunately, will continue. Diplomatic exercises will continue to be accompanied by such expressions. You will not be expecting any other statements – that we are ready to intervene, we will react to the death of Alexander Zakharchenko with some action … I’m afraid nothing will be done,” said the deputy.

Answering the question “what kind of reaction should Moscow have,” the head of the Duma committee said that he was in favor of recognizing the republics of Donbass and for providing them with military assistance.

“Here is my personal opinion: It’s been necesary for a long time now to recognize the DPR and the LPR. And do not build any illusions – Ukraine, unfortunately, continues to destroy itself according to the Yugoslav scenario,” said Kalashnikov.

“That is, recognize, and, accordingly, provide military support?” – the interviewer asked for clarification.

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“Yes, and provide support. Why did the Soviet Union support republican Spain in its time, and we are afraid to help the Donbass?”, the MP added.

“It is necessary to openly recognize these state entities, and then let them decide their own destiny: they either swim on their own or choose a different scenario,” he stated.

Earlier today, the head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, stated that the assassination of the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, indicates that the opportunities for negotiations with Kiev have been exhausted, that’s why Russia needs to “force” Kiev to peace.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed deep condolences in connection with the tragic death of the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, stressing that Russia will always be with the Donbass.

Note that according to the adviser of the deceased Alexander Zakharchenko, the murder of the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic was organized by the so-called “Forces of Special Operations of Ukraine”.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova said that the Ukrainian authorities are behind the murder of Zakharchenko.

Today, the coffin with the body of the murdered head of the DNP, Alexander Zakharchenko, was buried with military honors at the cemetery “Donetsk Sea” in the Leninsky district of Donetsk.

As Donetsk said goodbye to Alexander Zakharchenko – see the photo report of IA “Novorossiya”.

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