Russian teams up with Brazil to Explore Minerals in Arctic Bottom with Hi-Tech Robot


Russian state-owned company Rosatom wants to develop a robotic facility to extract rare minerals and difficult exploration from the bottom of the Arctic, the Foundation for Advanced Research (FPI) from Russia said on Sunday.

The head of the FPI project group, Viktor Litvinenko, specified that customers of the automated system would be Rosatom and its subsidiary JSC Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ Uranium Holding).

“This project will complement our work on the development of the Arctic. Such technology essentially does not exist. It will be a very challenging project for ARMZ to explode underwater, where there are huge solid reserves of minerals and are difficult to recover. Maybe other partners will join us,” said Litvinenko.

He noted that the robotic installation would be based on the existing Iceberg project, which provides for the creation of separate autonomous complexes for the development of hydrocarbon fields for oil and gas companies.

“So some of the components have already been created, we’ll see what’s missing and what could complement a large set of our stand-alone systems,” added Litvinenko.

Meanwhile, elsewhere with Rosatom, the development of nuclear energy in Latin America is on the agenda in several countries, as reported back in August. With 7 mills operating in the continent, there are those who want to build more, and a Russian state-owned company may be nearby in those projects.

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In November 2017, Eletronuclear, along with Eletrobras, signed a memorandum of cooperation with Rosatom, opening the possibility of building new nuclear plants in Brazil. The memorandum aims to promote mutual cooperation for the peaceful use of nuclear energy and includes terms for operation and maintenance in this type of enterprise.

Brazil is one of the regional leaders in the production of nuclear energy. The country has two mills, Angra 1 and Angra 2, which involved agreements with the United States and Germany. Angra 3, which is still under construction, may still have Russian participation.

The relations between Brazil and Russia in the field of development of nuclear energy are mainly through Rosatom, acronym of Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, a company that also has ties with some countries in Latin America, such as Argentina.

Rosatom is the Russian state-owned company responsible for the country’s nuclear energy complex.

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