by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – Sayyed Hussein Badreddine al-Houthi (R.A.) wasn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill individual. He wasn’t even your typical revolutionary. Nor your classical militant. Not your quintessential Islamic liberationist challenging this or that colonizer either. He was from an essence of such uniqueness, such angelic substance that he can only be classified, qualified and described as a godsend. Indeed, a blessing straight from the realm of most merciful mercies designed by Al-Mountaqim (SWT) and a gift that caused all of the heavens to smile a smile of incandescence upon Yemen.

Martyred on this day 14 years ago when the collaborationist regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh (L.A.) captured him from the hospital then executed him following a ballistic firefight on the Marran Mountain of Saada, the founder of Ansarullah was a man that saw resistance at an apogee and dared to scale further; who knew no other path as a Muslim, an Arab, a Shi’a, a Yemeni, a Zaydi, a Jihadi and a human being but that of confrontation with hegemony and lifting up the downtrodden even if all of the strength in your body has been drained–he challenged everyone to dig deeper and fight harder. Every step he took, the aura of Zayd Ibn Ali (A.S.) reverberated from one end of the Ummah to the next. Every word that he spoke, the blessed energy of Imam Hussein (A.S.) poured out like the monsoons that routinely struck his homeland.

Sayyed Hussein’s accomplishments are too numerous to enumerate in the scope of this piece and would–hyperbole aside–need many a book to provide a thorough enough description that would do justice to his loftiest of lofty stations. Nevertheless, an overview is still necessary. At a time when Saudi-funded Scientific Institutes popping up across Yemen, changing the demographics of the country and burrowing the ideological worm of Wahhabism far into the unsuspecting minds of the Yemeni youth, the Sonic Boom of Saada took matters into his own hands and founded the Believing Youth in the early 90s.

Through this new party, he would soar in the Yemeni parliamentary elections much to the chagrin of the traitorous dictatorship in Sanaa. He inspired a return to what he called al-Thaqafa al-Qur’aniyyah (Qur’anic Culture) and inaugurated the Great Qur’anic March to lead the broken, the battered and the bruised back to Zaydi-Husseini revolutionary Islam. Children would now be immersed in love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), Ahlul Bayt (A.S.) and the many resistant, resilient Zaydi Imams (R.A.) throughout history who fought invasions, rejected colonialism and kept Satan’s chosen people in check. Schools were built and lives were saved.

Having spent some time in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which had granted him, his father Sayyed Badreddine (R.A.) and his brother Sayyed Abdul Malik safe haven when the despot Ali Abdullah Saleh (L.A.) sought to exterminate them, he forged brotherly ties with the Islamic Revolution and told his followers to look to it as a “pillar of strength”. He also referred to the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah as “the head of moujahideen in this world, they are the ones who present martyrs, the ones who truly preserve the water of the face of the Ummah.” What Yemen’s Sayyed was saying directly is that while much of the Islamicate had fallen under the control of the enemies of the Deen, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei’s nation and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s men were the examples to look towards as a means of preserving dignity and upholding resistance. Furthermore, it was like the Sword of Dahyan foresaw the ascendancy of the Resistance Axis long before it had achieved its most monumental victories. Subhan’ALLAH.

This sets the stage for what defined him most, as well as the movement that he founded and which has now grown into a Resistance organism that fuses asymmetrical Mouqawamism, grassroots activism, Shi’a Islamic Liberation Theology and counter-invasion conventional military prowess: Al-Sarkha (the scream or the cry–as in battlecry). Splashed across a white backdrop with Arabic in red and green, the Sarkha of Ansarullah has been seen in full-banner-form since July 13th, 2002–when Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi marched with tens of thousands of his partisans from the Grand Mosque in the Old City of Sanaa holding up what would come to be known as Ansarullah’s signature in protest of the American-British talk of invading Iraq. But this isn’t where it truly began. Sayyed Hussein laid the foundations for the Sarkha in his book “Al-Sarkha fi Wajh al-Moustakbireen (A Scream in the Face of the Oppressors)” and it was first chanted loudly and proudly at the Imam Hadi School–later bombed to rubble by Ali Abdullah Saleh’s (L.A.) goons–amidst the wartorn Marran Mountain on January 17th, 2002. Moved by Imam Ali (A.S.) on the one hand and Imam Khomeini (R.A.) on the other, every part of the Sarkha was scripted by Sayyed Hussein meticulously and strategically so.

“ALLAHU Akbar!” was put first because it is imperative to know in your bones–i.e. not mere Iman but Yaqeen–that Almighty God is the greatest, will always be such and nothing, nothing, NOTHING can get in the way of His (SWT) divine will. “Death to America” was next because the American regime is the current hegemon, the chief functionary of Dajjal and the power responsible for Yemen’s ills as well as the vast majority of the ills throughout the Global South. Additionally, Sayyed Hussein chided America for being ruled by Organized Jewish Interests and to be run by such nefariousness automatically makes one a target of condemnation. As he said himself in a speech entitled “The Danger of America’s Entry Into The Yemeni Arena” from 2002 as the Sarkha was beginning to proliferate throughout Yemen’s north:

“Why did America come to Yemen? Under the pretext of spreading democracy and fighting terror? Did they come to be briefed on the situation in Yemen then decide what projects Yemen needs for development? Perhaps they have come to plough and sow the lands or make beehives? Did they come to work with us or for something else? Something else, of course. They came to dominate us. They came to oppress us. America is the greatest devil and lies behind every evil in the world. The ones who rule America are Jews and they are described in our Holy Qur’an as those who kill prophets and mislead people.”

Naturally, following that is “Death to ‘Israel’” as Sayyed Hussein viewed America, ‘Israel’ and World Jewry as one and the same, simply being three parts of the same corrupted and corroded whole. If one is to be toppled, all will be toppled. He routinely exposed Zionist schemes against Yemen and all the way to the outskirts of the Arab-Islamic world, calling ‘Israel’ the “kufr regime”, the “cancer”, the “shaytanic state” and the “premier enemy of God”. The penultimate section of the Sarkha is “Curse be on the Jews”. This isn’t meant to reflect Qur’anic wisdom alone as the Yahoudlings are cursed by ALLAH (SWT) for all of their crimes, lies, misbehavior and acts of aggression against the Prophets, including Muhammad al-Moustafa (S.A.W.W.) It’s also an ode to Yemeni history as the Jews, due to their their vile and savage ambitions, have had a most tumultuous and devious time with the Zaydi-Muslim majority, with their most prominent betrayals and conflicts being with Imam al-Mutawakkil Isma’il (R.A.), Imam Mahdi Ahmad al-Ghirasi (R.A.) and Imam al-Mahdi Abbas (R.A.) Sayyed Hussein didn’t want Yemenis–or Muslims generally–to forget these Jewish crimes. And the closing line is “Victory to Islam” because no matter how what kinds of malevolence America, ‘Israel’ and World Jewry engage in… Ultimately… Islam will prevail and the reign of global justice led by Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) and Isa al-Masih (A.S.) will be concretized.

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The Master of the Qur’anic March never intended for the Sarkha to inspire “violence” as so many putrid, pathetic and off-the-wall Zionist media editorials suggest. What he hoped to do was foment dissent that the Jews and their tools would avoid; that they would be afraid to confront the Moumineen in Yemen. Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi wanted his partisans to be “pioneers” of the Sarkha, bellowing it out after meetings, rallies and Jummah prayers. He meant for it to be a battlecry to “ingrain in the minds of Muslims that America is the criminal terrorist, that America is evil, that ‘Israel’ is evil, that Jews and ‘Christian’ Zionists are evil and their track record of oppression in our region is the proof.” He never pulled any punches. Islam was besieged on all sides by Jewish enemies he’d say often, and it was the duty of anyone who said “la ilaha illallah!” to defend the legacy of Ahmad al-Habib (S.A.W.W.) and the Moustazafeen suffering under the jackboot of the Zionist Imperium. To do so, in his eyes, there needed to be an all-encompassing political platform that was true, mighty, fierce and easy to comprehend. Hence… the Sarkha. Masha’ALLAH.

Recounting where the rallying call of the Houthiyeen came from, we drift back to what happened on September 10th, 2004. I am reminded of the cowardly way that the Saleh tyranny murdered Yemen’s Lionheart. Upon occupying the aforementioned Marran Mountain, the Saleh loyalists fired tank shells and missiles on the area’s high points, creating rockslides that would hit and crush Sayyed Hussein and his family. Miraculously, he somehow survived despite catastrophic injuries and he and his family were then taken down into Saada City for medical care. More Saleh thugs were waiting there for him and they arrested him. Ansarullah cadres protested but the armed men promised he’d be cared for and their orders were only for detainment. That changed not too long thereafter and Ali Abdullah Saleh (L.A.) himself sent the missive to slaughter the Zaydi Zulfiqar. It is said that Sayyed Hussein died with what else but the Sarkha on his lips.

In the coming years after, the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi-backed Saleh regime would deny that it was in possession of the body of Ansarullah’s father. But once the despotism collapsed with the fraudulent “Arab Spring”, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance carefully and brilliantly maneuvered around the chaos and the incoming regime of Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi–an even bigger and more servile tool than Saleh–to attain the truth about what happened to Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi’s remains and then regain them.

He was finally laid to rest on June 5th, 2013 in what can only be described as a gargantuan procession that featured at least 2-3 million Yemenis–some estimates say upwards of 4-5 million. The Dashing Dahyan Dagger was the amalgamation of spiritual intellect and revolutionary tactician rivaled by just two other personalities in the last century: Imam Khomeini (R.A.) and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. He was that imposing. That majestic. He LIVES. Everywhere that the Houthiyeen are beating down the Saudi-Emirati aggressors, Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi LIVES. Everywhere that people are safeguarding the oppressed in the name of Islam and in defiance of ‘Israel’ and Sahyu-America, he LIVES. Moreover, he was and is loved. Truly… unequivocally… And extensively… LOVED. As Ansarullah media officer Daifullah al-Shami once said, “Sayyed Hussein Al-Houthi lived only for the sake of others.”

On his 14th martyrdom anniversary, we should take this to heart more so than anything else. Don’t go through this existence as anything but a vessel of betterment for your brothers in faith and equals in humanity; as a beacon of Anti-Parasitism for the lost, lonely and revolution-hungry to adhere to. Live for the cause. Speak for the cause. Fight for the cause. Write for the cause. Get wounded for the cause. Pick yourself back up and hit the trenches again for the cause. And if it comes down to it, die for the cause. Death with honor and Mouqawamah is so much better than life with humiliation after all. Just make sure that before Malak al-Mawt (A.S.) calls your number, you belt out the Sarkha a final time. Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.) will have a smile on his face when you have the pleasure of meeting him once you reach the other side.

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