Sensational Case Surrounding Death of Antifa Youth Exposes French State’s Support for Antifa Movements

By James Porrazzo


Published on: Sep 10, 2018 @ 20:50 –By James Porrazzo – The following interview with the French anti-imperialist and national-revolutionary activist and leader, Serge Ayoub, centers around the present, ongoing trial of those accused in the unfortunate death of an Antifa youth, who died as the result of a fight with a National-Revolutionary youth – the accused. The case surrounds the fact that there would be no real serious charges, beyond negligent or accidental death, which the bourgeois French state is bringing upon the national-revolutionary youth, if the French state’s prosecutors were not bent on trying to prove that the national-revolutionary youth used ‘brass knuckles’. The other factor which the defense is arguing, was the alleged ill-health of the deceased Antifa youth prior to being pushed to go confront the NR youth, factors which caused a blow to the head to result ultimately in death, rather than a simple concussion or even minor bruise. 

Serge Ayoub and the movements surrounding him or he has participated in have always been close friends and comrades of our own projects, including New Resistance and Open Revolt.  He has a history of openly confronting all elements of reaction within French National-Revolutionary circles. He has made his commitment to move beyond the old left vs. right boundaries, and holds socialist and anti-imperialist figures like Chavez and Assad in very high regard. What follows is the translation of a recent interview with the life-long French dissident thinker translated by our team members T.A. And P.A. from  Of course, we wish the best to the three comrades on trial and that they are returned free men to their friends and families, found NOT GUILTY – which is exactly what they are.

The interview follows.

Ayoub stands in front of a poster of Hugo Chavez and Bashar al-Assad


Since Tuesday, Esteban Morillo, Samuel Dufour, Alexandre Eyraud have been on trial for the fight they were involved in with Clement Meric, a young “antifa” who died after the conflict. Some media already judged these three young National-Revolutionaries guilty of murder and we remember that, even when there was no judgement yet, the political movements of Morillo and the others, Third Way, was dissolved by the state just a few days after that event.

Esteban Morillo, Samuel Dufour and Alexandre Eyraud could spend 25 years in jail.

To understand that trial, we asked a few questions of Serge Ayoub, ex-leader of the JNR (Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionnaires), and Third Way, who has a great understanding of these political circles in France

A file photo taken on May 12, 2013 shows National Revolutionary militant Esteban Morillo (L) an immigrant to France, standing in front of Serge Ayoub (R), of Lebanese descent, and leader of the “Troisieme voie” (Third Way) and Revolutionary Nationalist Youth (JNR) organisations, as they take part in Paris in a demonstration called by French nationalist and royalist group “Action Francaise” gathering several movements to commemorate Joan of Arc. – The trial of the three National Revolutionary activists involved in the death of the Antifascist militant Clement Meric  opened in the Paris courthouse on September 4, 2018. Clemet Meric died following a fight in the center of Paris on June 5, 2013 between “National Revolutionaries” and “Antifas”. The tragic event caused a strong emotion, leading the government to dissolve several groups being tagged as far-right, even prior to any conviction, while Antifa groups continue protected by the French bourgeois state. (Photo by Frederic HAZIZA / AFP) – Caption by FRN Editorial Board

—- Do you think it’s possible to have a fair trial?

Serge Ayoub: As a good citizen, I trust the French Justice. I trust people and people’s justice. As a lawyer (I have a law degree) I think it may be a complicated trial. Politically, I have seen the antifa’s gesticulation and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be more difficult for them than expected.

Antifa already said that whatever the justice court decides, it will not be fair. They know there is a risk they will not win this trial. They insist on the idea that it was a murder even if they know it wasn’t one. They know there wasn’t any premeditation.

If they would have been confident, they wouldn’t act like that. Compared to their antics, we can see that Esteban Morillo’s defense is much calmer. It seems they already know they will lose but they can’t do anything else because they turned Clement Meric into a “myth”. In losing this trial, it could be the end of their movement. They really need to make the death of Clement Meric profitable. Do you think these antifa movements are dying?

Serge Ayoub: Yes. They have nothing else to do. What are they going to do instead? Nobody cares about them anymore. It’s a disaster for them. When Meric died, there was something like 3000 people in the street, a few years later, only few hundred could get together. It looks like a right-wing demo, except right-wing movements do not have the mainstream media to cover and support them!

When you have all of the mainstream with you but you are unable to have mobilize more than 300 people, you know there is something wrong.

The truth is Clement Meric, their idol, came from the upper-class whereas people they are fighting are mostly coming from the middle and working class.  The only time these antifa met a blue collar worker, it was to harass him. How ironic… these antifa movements do not have any workers, or any poor people among them. Most of the antifa are privileged people. These people, Morillo and Cie may spend years in prison…

Serge Ayoub: I separate politics from justice. Meric is dead because of his friends who were unable to find someone else, someone fit for that kind of operation. They recruited him because they couldn’t find anyone else because nobody cares about them anymore.

Antifas like to talk about war, they have black uniform, and all this but in the end, they have no worthy troops. This is sad to think about the fact that these Antifa are supposed to fight for the workers, but when they meet them, workers punch them in the face. And don’t forget Esteban Morillo is an immigrant too… that is such an ironic symbol!

- Advertisement - Antifa accuse you of having brainwashed these young guys.

Serge Ayoub: If I would pull any strings, why would they attack small people and not myself directly? When I was young, I used to fight – and the older antifa must all remember about that time. During these times, nobody died, I was at the front line, assuming my responsibilities. The Antifa decided to send someone weak and sick on the front line to fight. I would never do that.

When Esteban called me before that tragic event, I recommend him not to fight and leave. When I used to meet someone who really wanted to fight without having any abilities, I used to tell him to fight differently: to study, to write, to spread the ideas. I would never send someone weak on the battlefield. How do you explain the negative coverage of the media towards you and Morillo?

Serge Ayoub: You will never find any mainstream media to support Esteban. He’s not coming from a very wealthy family like Meric. You will never find any mainstream media to say that in the end “Fascists” were maybe right. They will never take that risk. Justice is desperately trying to “prove” there were brass knuckles involved.

Serge Ayoub: It’s going be very difficult for the Justice system to prove it and it’s very bad for them, because a few days after the event, the whole political and mainstream media agreed to say that Morillo and the “fascists” were guilty. They will try everything they can to crush Morillo. In the end, he’s just a blue-collar, a nobody… Do you think it can’t be a fair trial?

Serge Ayoub: Not necessarily, as I said at the beginning of the itw, I trust the Justice system. Of course, the Justice system is bothered by that case. Ten days to deliberate is quite long. It means they doubt, they are embarrassed and it’s normal but they still do their jobs. There is no conspiracy. What will  the political consequence of that trial be ?

Serge Ayoub: Nothing. Nobody cares. Do you think journalism got dirty covering this case?

Serge Ayoub: They played their part. They defended their interests. There wasn’t any interests for them to disagree with the government who decides on subsidies for these kinds of movements and people.

When I was younger, I was wondering how a newspaper like Le Canard Enchainé (a famous pseudo-subversive French newspaper) could have that much information. A friend of mine, who was journalist, explained to me that this information was coming directly from the police… the System filters the information and gives them to the controlled news… the System is a big bubble, where journalists work for political interests. But they should be more careful because a bubble, it can burst. Who reads the mainstream media anyway? Nobody cares. They are still influential…

Of course, they are in charge. But for how long? They tried everything… the political class is exhausted. We are at the end of the cycle.


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