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Published on: Sep 30, 2018 @ 17:59 – On September 29th, Kosovo militia stormed a Serbian settlement, seizing the hydro-electric facility, critical for the community’s survival. In response, Serbian president Vucic ordered the military on high alert, to become ready for any possible armed conflict. That day, Putin and Vucic spoke via the CSTO hotline, and have agreed to meet in person in Moscow, to come to final resolution on what Russia’s response and strategy will be moving forward.

The nationalist opposition Serbian Radical Party (SRP/SNS is the second largest in parliament) is also demanding that Russia be involved more deeply in the negotiation process to resolve the Kosovo crisis, since the European Union has a biased position on this issue. This was explained by one of the young leaders of the SNS, Alexander  Šešelj. He is the son of Serbian Radical Party founder, Vojislav Šešelj. He also added that the official initiative of the party will be announced at a meeting of the National Assembly (the country’s parliament) next month.

Earlier today, September 30th, Kremlin spokesperson Peskov said that Russian involvement had not been ruled out, but that it was “premature to determine either way.”

“The unresolved status of Kosovo remains one of the main problems of the Balkan region. The parties did not bring the settlement of disputes closer either to the refusal of Serbian President Alexander Vucic from the dialogue with the head of the self-proclaimed republic Hashim Thaci. Negotiations mediated by the European Union were to be held last Friday in Brussels. To get out of the crisis, it is necessary to look for new discussion formats,” Šešelj told Russian press.

“We demand that Russia be involved in all negotiations related to Kosovo and Metohia.” Now the European Union unequivocally supports the Kosovo Albanians, who do not go for a constructive dialogue,” MP Alexander Šešelj, a member of the Serbian delegation to the PACE, told Russian media. “However, it cannot be expected that the leading EU and NATO countries will adhere to an objective position, since it is these countries that are the main sponsors and supporters of Kosovo’s independence. Therefore, the European Union can not act as a key intermediary.”

According to the politician, Russia has traditionally been an ally of Serbia. In addition, Moscow has a lot of experience in resolving international crises and its contribution may be decisive in solving the Kosovo problem. Alexander Šešelj added that the party welcomes the joining into the negotiation process of China as one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

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“Our initiative will be officially announced at a meeting of parliament next month. We hope the Serbian government will hear us and turn, first of all, to the Russian side,” said Alexander Šešelj.

A Russian parliamentarian weighed in: “Attracting Russia is an absolutely correct decision, since in today’s multipolar world no serious international issue can be fully resolved without Moscow’s participation”, Aleksey Chepa, deputy head of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, went on record saying.

“Especially when it comes to resolving the problem in the Balkan region, where Russia historically played an extremely important role,” the parliamentarian said.

The Russian Federation should be involved in negotiations on solving the Kosovo problem in order to preserve the balance of power, I agree, and so does expert Igor Pshenichnikov. According to the political scientist, precisely because of the absence of the Russian Federation, there is a strong “bias” in favor of the Kosovo Albanians.

“For the West, it is important to obtain recognition of Kosovo and thus actually legitimize the crimes that they committed in the 90’s. Kosovo, feeling the support of the United States and Brussels, continues to blackmail Serbia, the political analyst explained in an interview with Izvestia.

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