STANDING STRONG: Putin and Xi Jinping Further Plans to Counter Trump’s ‘Trade War’


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the trade war issue during the Economic Forum of the East (EEF). Peskov did not reveal details of the negotiations between the leaders and stressed that “the discussions should not have their ins and outs revealed to the public”. However, he emphasized that China and Russia do not ignore international themes of relevance due to their role in the world.

Peskov’s statement here is of particular interest. Similar to Lavrov or Putin, Peskov’s statements have an internal consistency. His phrases are aimed a certain way in order to obliquely communicate an ulterior message. The secret nature of the discussions should be properly be understood as things so sensitive that their being public would alert the U.S and any other geopolitical foes or ‘frenemies’ of what the two Eurasian powers have in mind.

“The list of joint projects of countries like Russia and China is so great that this alone would be the subject of many hours of discussion, and of course, Russia and China can not refrain from discussing international problems. commercial, “Peskov told the Russian television channel Rossiya 1, noting that these trade disputes have been destructive to economic and negative relations for resolving regional conflicts.

China is currently engaged in a trade war with the United States. Both sides of the conflict have exchanged a series of tariffs on imports since March this year. The month marked Donald Trump’s announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum in several countries, which triggered trade tensions with the Chinese.

However, Trump had hoped to be able to win over support from Russia, and to place a wedge between the two countries. While furthering a trade war with China, however, he has been unable to work the other end of his strategy to warm relations with Russia, as a result of obstruction from the US deep state, many analysts now believe.

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Elsewhere with China, China’s state television has launched a program to show how Taiwan intelligence officials approach Chinese students on the island and try to recruit them as spies against Beijing.

The first episode claims that Taiwanese spies attract gullible Chinese students with money, love and friendship, the Guardian reported. Meanwhile, officials in Beijing accuse Taiwan of intensifying efforts to steal confidential information for the purpose of “infiltration” and “sabotage” and warn the island against aggravating its already fragile ties with mainland China.

The allegations come after attempts by China to persuade Taiwanese to settle permanently on the mainland by offering them an identity card and other incentives. In response, Taipei warned its citizens against the risks of settling in a country where, among other things, the internet is heavily censored.

In 2017, Taiwanese officials sentenced a Chinese student to prison after accusing him of creating a spy network across the island and using his contacts in schools and a government department to collect confidential information. Despite tensions between Beijing and Taipei, Chinese students have been allowed to study at Taiwanese universities since 2009.

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