Syrian Army frustrates US-backed terrorist attack on Palmyra


The Syrian Army has wiped out two terrorists and has taken two more as prisoners as a result of a clash with militants southeast of the city of Palmira, reports the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria.

According to the center, the militants tried to penetrate the city. The terrorists belong to the group called Lions Orient, which has 500 participants.

“Today […] 36 kilometers southeast of Palmyra there was an armed confrontation between Syrian government forces and a terrorist group of sabotage that attempted to penetrate Palmyra from Al-Tanf,” the center’s statement said.

Also according to the Russian military, the detained terrorists said that “their camp is located near the village of Al-Tanf, where an American base is located.”

“One of the terrorists in custody said that their group was prepared for the attack by American base instructors from the US base, and that weapons and ammunition were also supplied from the base,” the center added.

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According to the statement, the terrorist testimony confirms that there are militant training camps in the 55-kilometer zone around US-controlled Al-Tanf, prepared by US experts.

In the Russian center they stressed that since the creation of the Al-Tanf base there is no information on any US operation against the terrorist group ISIS in this region.

Palmyra, an ancient city, has been a hotly contested city for the duration of the Syrian Army, with the ISIS terrorist group twice capturing it, with the Syrian Army always liberating it. Although citizens are hesitant to return, citing the US military close by being the main hindrance, the city is fully secured and ready to receive refugees.

With the exception of jihadist-held Idlib province and its adjacent areas, Al-Tanf remains the only other part of Syria controlled by Arab so-called opposition. The remainder of the country not held by the Syrian government is held by US-backed Kurdish forces.

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