SYRIAN EXPERT: The SAA Will Have MANY Improvements Beyond S-300 !


Syrian military strategic specialist and retired general Rada Shariqi said that the Syrian Air Force and Army will receive new weapons, not just the Russian S-300 systems. He is a particularly good source due to his connections with the military and intelligence services, and is able to speak publicly and give ‘semi-official’ perspectives and leaks, which have historically borne out.

“First, new modern anti-aircraft missile systems will be delivered to ensure the protection of the entire Syrian territory. Second, existing equipment will undergo modernization, and air defense systems will now function as a special coded protection system. Potential aggressors will not interfere in its operation,” Shariqi said.

The expert noted that such transformations can be carried out with the support of Russia.

“Very soon the air defense system will distinguish friendly and hostile targets. For example, if an object was previously defined by the air defense system as a friendly object, then under no circumstances will it be identified differently, and therefore, the possibility of an attack against it is excluded,” he clarified.

The retired general added that as soon as the new systems were delivered to Syria, the possibility of an accidental attack on friendly targets would be ruled out.

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As for Russian plans for radio-electronic suppression of satellite navigation in the Mediterranean Sea adjacent to Syria, Rada Shariqi said that it is an important part of modern warfare. However, this tool will not always be used, but only in times of extreme need, for example, during an enemy attack.

“It is not necessary to use this system regularly, because it can provide internal information to potential aggressors,” concluded the retired Air Force general of Syria.

Moscow had suspended the delivery of the S-300 systems to Syria in 2013 due to Israeli protests.
However, Kevork Almassian of Syriana Analysis noted that, at that time, the war in Syria was much more “chaotic” and there were terrorist groups invading Syrian army facilities and destroying or capturing air defense systems.

Almassian added that the S-300 delivery “will have a major impact” on Israel because it will no longer be able to bomb Syria from nearby locations such as Lebanon or off the coast, where Israeli fighters were previously safe from Syrian anti-aircraft fire of limited range, as the country will now have advanced anti-aircraft defense systems.

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