Syrian FM Exposes to UN that U.S Provides Military Support to Terrorists


Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said on Saturday at the UN that the country’s fight against terrorism is almost over and added that the situation has become more secure.

He further stated that the US coalition provides direct military support to terrorists in Syria. At the same time, according to Muallem, the same coalition said that chemical weapons were used to justify the attacks on Syria.

“The situation on the ground has become secure and stable, and the battle against terrorism is almost over. We are committed to continuing the holy battle until we have completely cleared the territory of terrorist groups and the illegal international presence,” Muallem said at an annual debate of the UN General Assembly.

He added that a senior Syrian diplomat said that the US-led coalition in Syria gave direct support to the terrorists.

“Governments [of some countries] have been an international and illegal coalition led by the United States under the pretext of fighting terrorism in Syria. It has become clear that the objectives of the coalition coincide fully with the objectives of terrorist groups that cause damage, death and destruction wherever they go,” said the Syrian minister.

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“The coalition has completely destroyed the Syrian city of Raqqa, which has destroyed the infrastructure and public services in the areas in which its actions have taken place. It has committed murders of civilians, including children and women, which are war crimes under international law,” emphasized Muallem.

At the same time, according to Muallem, claims that Damascus used chemical weapons was used to justify aggression against Syria.

“The accusations of the West have scenarios and accusations prepared to justify an aggression against Syria,” Muallem said.

Last week a Syrian MP, Ahmad Kuzbari, said that the White Helmets and Syrian militants in Idlib were planning to film a false chemical attack in order to accuse the Syrian government again.

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