Syrian general: Israel always attacks Syrian Army to defend jihadist allies


The latest Israeli attack on the Syrian province of Hama was made with US interests who had day before had expressed concern about the impending operation in Idlib, Syrian retired general Yahii Suleiman said.

“This is not the first such attack: whenever the army prepares an operation against armed groups, Israel attacks. The last time, this happened before the army attack in the south of the country,” the Syrian general explained .

He noted that the Israelis are nervous because the Syrian Army is now very close to the border of the Zionist-occupied Golan Heights which legally belongs to Syria, so they attack to give a warning. Despite this, the army continues to successfully attack the militants and liberate all new territories of Syria.

Suleiman stressed that statements about the presence of Iranian forces and equipment in Syria are only an excuse to attack.

“On the basis of the information I have and the simple logic, I say that there are no Iranian military forces in the territory of Syria, only unarmed advisers. This is a very common practice in accordance with the cooperation agreements that have been concluded between our countries. If there are Iranian military forces in Syria, we would have reported, there is nothing reprehensible about it,” he said.

On September 4, Syria’s anti-aircraft defense repelled the Israeli Air Force’s attack, knocking down five missiles, the Syrian news agency SANA reported.

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“Syrian air defense has knocked down several missiles fired by Israeli airplanes in the Wadi al-Uyun region, near Hama,” the agency said.

In addition, several explosions have been reported in the area. According to medical reports, one person died and four were injured as a result of the incident.

Previously, Israel repeatedly attacked targets in Syria. In particular, the Israeli military attacked “several” armed terrorists in the border region of Syria on August 2. The incident occurred in the southern part of the Syrian-controlled Golan Heights, where ISIS had previously operated.

Syria and Israel have been formally at war since 1973, but armed clashes were extremely rare before the start of the imperialist war against Syria.

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