Syrian general unveils hidden target of Russian maneuvers in the Mediterranean


Russia has just started the biggest maneuvers of its navy in the Mediterranean that will run until September 8. Syrian military specialist and retired army general Ali Maqsud said that the exercises will help Syria to defend itself against the aggression of its enemies.

Nowadays, a war is being waged against both Syria and international forces, said the analyst. So, he says, at the moment the Syrian Army is actively conducting an offensive against the terrorists in the south of the country and preparing for a major battle in the province of Idlib. Eventually, this is not pleasing to the jihadist militants and their sponsors, so they intend to do everything possible to stop the onslaught of Assad’s troops, explains Maqsud.

“Under these conditions, the real purpose of the Russian maneuvers in the Mediterranean is to carry out a pre-emptive strike against the aggression being prepared. The preparation and carrying out of the maneuvers presuppose a Russian partnership with its allies at the political and diplomatic level,” he said.

“The result of these exercises is stability in the region. [Al-Qaeda affiliated] White Helmets and similar organizations will not be able to carry out a provocation with the use of chemical weapons or anything of that kind. Russia is working and will continue to work to build stability and peace in the region, “he continued.

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The retired General believes that the US is backing off on its offensive plan. “The North Americans have installed radar systems whose main objective is defensive, and they have set up a base for air strikes at the Shaddadi base in the al-Hasakah province of northern Syria,” he said.

In this way, says the Syrian military expert, the situation in the country is developing against the ambitions and plans of the West. Kurds, for example, are actively negotiating with the Assad government, which completely dismantles plans for a split in the country, he said.

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