TERRORISTS ‘OKAY’: London Begins ‘Resettlement’ of White Helmets Families to UK


The British government confirmed on Monday that it has begun the process of resettlement of relatives of the controversial group known as White Helmets, which operates as a sort of civilian defense in areas controlled by armed opposition groups to the administration of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and are strongly affiliated to the Al-Qaeda group of Syria, the Al-Nusra Front.

“In accordance with well-established Vulnerable People’s Resettlement (VPRS) practices, the Ministry of the Interior is working closely with UNHCR, the Department for International Development and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to resettle [White Helmets] families,” British officials said.

Founded in Turkey under the support of Britain’s James Le Mesurier, former MI5 agent, the UK spy service, White Helmets are supposedly made up of volunteer rescuers of different nationalities who have been active in Syria for years. Although highly praised by the West, from whom they receive funding, their members are often involvemd in controversial episodes, such as executions.

Among other accusations against the group are staging videos of attacks and links with terrorist groups.

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Earlier this month the White Helmets organization were planning to use family members held hostage by militants willing to reconcile with the Syrian government in a staging of chemical weapons, according to Human Rights activist Ammar Jamal.

The Russian Defense Ministry said at the time that preparations for the chemical weapons provocations in Idlib should be finalized by now. The signal for the start of the operation will be a special order from the “foreign friends of the Syrian revolution”.

The Russian military also reported that in Idlib a meeting of leaders of the terrorist groups was held to discuss scenarios of the staged attacks to be carried out in various villages in order to accuse the Syrian army of using chemical weapons. The meeting also counted on the participation of the White Helmets, according to the Russian ministry.

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