There’s a Reason for Atlanticist’s ‘Hysterical’ Statements on Russian Weapons, says analyst


The new Russian A-100 Premier plane may become a serious problem for NATO, writes the National Interest (NI) website. Military expert Aleksandr Zhilin explained why such assessments of Russian weapons are being heard in the West more and more frequently.

The new A-100 aircraft with the Air Alert and Control System can give Russia an airstrike against NATO forces, reported The National Interest .

The edition highlights that the aircraft will have great capabilities compared to its predecessor A-50. The fuselage of the aircraft was lengthened, in addition to receiving new engines more economical (PS-90A-76) and multifunctional displays.

A-100 was created based on the modern freighter Il-76MD-90A. After upgrading the aircraft it now has a new Premier-476 hybrid scanning system. The new radar system is capable of activating electronic and mechanical scanning, and within five seconds the radar is capable of full rotation, writes the edition.

Thus, the Russian Air Force will receive “an unprecedented possibility to detect aerial and ground targets,” clarifies NI.

Aleksandr Zhilin, the head of the Center for the Study of Applied Social Security Problems, said that US experts, particularly in recent times, have often spoken of the danger of Russian weapons.

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“From the West we hear hysterical statements, they say that the new units of Russian military equipment are deadly dangerous for the whole world, yes the Russian army is receiving serious weapons, yes, our planes are the best in the world, yes, in avionics and electronics we reach our opponents, and today we do not have to buy these things abroad,” said the Russian military expert.

For him, the aiming and navigation system of the new Russian aircraft is unique and extends to a significant extent the effectiveness of the Russian Aerospace Force.

“But the hysteria is linked to the need to ‘cover’ the US military budget – $716 billion. They convince taxpayers with the ‘cover’ legend, saying that Russia will attack us,” explained Aleksandr Zhilin.

The expert compared the military budgets of China, India and Russia and says they are much smaller than the US budget because they are defensive, notes the analyst. But the US budget is a country’s participation budget in the hot phase of World War III.

“In our military doctrine it is clearly written: defense, but the US military is destined to fight in alien territories, to carry bomb-shaped democracy on its wings and stars, that is the difference,” concluded Aleksandr Zhilin.

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