US admits inability to oppose Russian hypersonic weaponry, says expert.

Washington has admitted its inability to oppose Russian hypersonic weaponry, the expert said.
The American Anti-missile Defense Agency faces the fact that the current American interceptors are unable to deal with the maneuverable hypersonic missiles of their enemies.


“I admit there are some interceptors who travel with hypersonic speed but they would need more maneuverability to reach maneuverable targets,” James Acton, an expert on nuclear technology policy, told The National Interest .

That is why Washington has decided to focus on optimizing its own interceptors. The US is working on hypersonic interceptors aimed at fighting intercontinental ballistic missiles. Protecting the territory of the country with the help of these interceptors will prevent Russian and Chinese retaliatory attacks.
In the US it has been repeatedly said that the Pentagon should “rethink the security of the country”. Earlier, the American general John E. Hyten admitted that Washington can do nothing against Russian hypersonic weapons.

This comes as Russia’s Defense Ministry has revealed details of the tactical and technical characteristics of the new Russian Sosna anti-aircraft missile system, which was launched at the end of August under the International Technical-Military Forum ARMY 2018.

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The uniqueness of the new system, whose main function is to protect military installations from air strikes, is in the various innovations developed by Russian engineers, said Vladimir Ukleev, the chief of the anti-aircraft missile system, quoted by the Russian Ministry of Defense in the Zvezda newspaper.

Sosna can be used in all types of combat operations, even in progress. During exercises, the system successfully fired at “enemy” targets at speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.

This incredible combat vehicle is capable of operating effectively under any weather conditions, as well as in conditions of reduced visibility, even in the presence of natural or artificial interference created by the enemy.

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