U.S JETS INTERCEPT RUSSIAN BOMBERS Near Alaska, Former Russian Empire


The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) said in a statement that two US F-22 jets intercepted two Russian Tu-95 bombers near Western Alaska.

“Two NORAD F-22 ‘Raptor’ jets positively identified and intercepted two Russian Tu-95 ‘Bear’ bombers,” the statement said on Wednesday, saying the interception occurred on Tuesday.

Russian bombers, which were accompanied by two Su-35 jets, remained in international airspace and at no time entered US or Canadian airspace, according to the statement.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that strategic Tu-95MS bombers were patrolling the North Seas, skirting the country and the Arctic Ocean, which would be part of the Vostok 2018 military exercises.

According to the Ministry’s assertions, the Su-35s provided air support to strategic bombers during patrol flights.

The Vostok 2018 international military exercises are conducted under the leadership of Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in the Russian Far East and adjacent waters of the Pacific Ocean between 11 and 15 September.

The exercises involve nearly 300,000 military personnel, tens of thousands of armored vehicles, helicopters, aircraft and drones. Vostok 2018 is the largest military exercise of the last 37 years in Russia and still involves troops from China and Mongolia.

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This also comes as the Boeing company won a $194 million contract to provide improvements to the US Navy’s Poseidon P-8A crew training system.

The contract also includes partnership with the Government of Australia, as reported in the press release of the US Department of Defense.

“Boeing, a Seattle, Wash., Company, will receive $ 194,517,924 […] for a contract to produce a Poseidon P-8A crew training system,” the statement said on Wednesday.

The US Department of Defense has explained that upgrading the training system is necessary for planned training to work on initial training and future mission capabilities.

The Boeing P-8 Poseidon is a marine reconnaissance aircraft developed from the Boeing 737-800 model with a maximum range of 7,500 kilometers. It serves to conduct anti-submarine warfare as well as surface, and also serves to ban ships, according to published reports.

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