U.S LOSES POWER: Analysts call Situation in US Air Force ‘bleak’


The US Air Force does not meet the potential conflict needs of the future because it is burdened with tasks, technical problems, and a shortage of skilled cadres, US media reports, quoting an analysis from the RAND research center and GAO.

According to The National Interest, data from the analysis provide a “gloomy picture” of the situation in US aviation. Experts assessed the US Air Force’s potential in four possible conflicts of the future: a new Cold War with Russia or China involving a large or small regional conflict, peace enforcement operations with the introduction of no-fly zones, as well as campaigns of combat against terrorists.

Drawing on data from the US Air Force’s former operations, analysts have evaluated their capabilities in eight different tasks, including conquering air supremacy, air strikes, and transportation.

According to RAND’s calculations, in almost all of these scenarios, North American aviation has managed to achieve 100% success, emphasized the edition. For example, in the case of a regional conflict, the proportion of air strikes and efficient air strikes will amount to only 62% and 65%, respectively.

Analysts note that the scenario with the lowest likelihood of a direct collision turned out to be one of the most problematic for the US. Thus, in peace-enforcement operations, US aviation will be able to guarantee only 29% of military reconnaissance needs, 40% for special missions and 46% for bomb attacks, the report said.

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The reasons for such unfavorable results, according to experts, are the serious problems in aircraft maintenance, as well as the shortage of qualified staff, the magazine concluded.

Earlier, the same media created a list of the worst fighters in the history of the US Air Force.

This decline in US air supremacy comes as Russia continues to gain crucial experience in the Syrian war, where its air force has played a key role in defeating terrorist groups operating in the country.

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