The well-known Ukrainian TV host Vyacheslav Pikhovshek on the live TV channel “News one” called the ATO veterans “killers,” which aroused the anger of Ukrainian “patriots” Link.

In the opinion of the presenter, the participants of the ATO are responsible for the fact that Ukrainian society lives in “absolute chaos”.

“We live in a society that is now organized on the principle of total lawlessness. Anyone who now calls himself a veteran of “ATO” believes that he has an indulgence for murder, and he can kill,” the TV host said.

The statement of Pikhovshek provoked the wrath of the Ukrainian “patriots”. Lawyer Nayem demanded that the anchorman and the TV channel “News one” publicly apologize to “Ukrainian soldiers”.

Here at Fort Russ, we have noted multiple press notices that would tend to support Pikhovshek’s assertion:

  • Earlier this month, the SBU broke up an exortion ring comprised of ATO veterans.*Link/
  • In Chernigov a 26-year veteran of “ATO” beat his mother to death with a hammer. Neighbors in the building believed he was on drugs since his return.
  • In August in the Rivne region, a Ukrainian gunman, who took part in the punitive operation of Kiev in the Donbass, raped a 6-year-old girl. The 50-year-old punisher was mobilized, went to the Donbass, and then continued on participating in the shooting there on a contract basis. Returning home, began to abuse alcohol.On Sunday, August 12, during the day, being drunk, he abused a 6-year-old child. “At the district police department on Sunday, August 12, about 14:00 received a call from the citizen K. As a result of operational police actions it was established that a resident of one of the villages of the district, being in a state of intoxication, committed lewd acts against the child,” – said the deputy head of the investigative department of the Mlinov police department Martynov. Link
  • In July, the head of the Department for Combating Crimes Related to Trafficking in Persons of the National Police, Krishchenko, said that in Ukraine it is necessary to introduce an open register of pedophiles.
  • In May, the chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Matios said that a fourth of the Ukrainian army are criminals. He noted that since 2014 criminal cases have been opened for more than 43 thousand Ukrainian soldiers. Link
  • We note that in September last year, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Poltorak, fired psychiatrist Oleg Druz, for saying that the veterans of “ATO” are a threat to society. The chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of Defense, the head of the clinic of psychiatry of the GVCG Colonel Oleg Druz, on September 19 at the committee on health protection stated that “93% of ATO participants are a potential threat to society and need treatment.”