By Kevork Almassian


By Kevork Almassian – In an unprecedented step, the German government said it could consider joining the strikes of US, France and UK against Syria, if chemical weapons used in Idlib.

Untill now, Germany didn’t intervene directly in the Syrian affairs but it provided financial and logistical support to many anti-Assad organisations, including the White Helmets, which is known as the propaganda wing of Al-Qaeda in Syria.

However, this new escalation comes after months of American demand from its partners to share the military burden, particularly in the NATO. This indicates that despite the ideological differences between the conservative Trump and liberal governments in Europe, the later is still under the influence of Washington which is able to impose its agenda on its partners. This also raises the question of whether or not Germany has an independent decision making on the foreign level. 

In spite of that, I believe the German government will not participate in such an act of aggression against Syria and Berlin will try to evade from its commitments with Washington. Germany has only 87 Tornado combat aircrafts and it has no presence in the Mediterranean and it’s unlikely to use the American aircraft carriers.
Furthermore, the Germans should ask these legitimate questions: 

-the OPCW said Syria destroyed its chemical arsenals. Then who’s using this weapon?

-For an argument sake, let’s suppose Assad has chemical weapons, why would he use them against civilians or even militants while he captured more than 70% of the territories and Idlib won’t be difficult to capture with conventional weapons? 

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-the entire world is watching Idlib and all satellites are focusing on the last Al-Qaeda enclave in Syria, why would he use this weapon and invite foreign bombardment of Syrian Army bases? 

-isn’t it possible that Al-Qaeda could use chlorine gas to blame Assad after all the media and political hype about it? 

Think about it. 

Germany is concerned that if the Syrian Army liberates Idlib, then tens of thousands of radical Islamists would flee to Turkey and then to Europe/Germany, but Berlin should also know that there’s no force could stop the SAA from capturing every inch of Syria. This is our land and if Frau Merkel is really concerned about the jihadi terrorists, she should cooperate with Damascus to find a win-win solution, instead of bombing a country that didn’t harm Germany at all.

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