US accuses Russia of violating sanctions against North Korea


Russia must stop the violations against North Korea and not try to hide them in the face of international rules, United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley told a meeting of the Security Council on Monday.

“Russia must stop its violations of sanctions against North Korea,” said Haley. “This should end, as should efforts to hide evidence of sanctions violations.”

Haley accused Russia of seeking relief from measures against North Korea and said that now is not the time to ease the pressure on the country. The US representative argued that sanctions could only be alleviated after North Korea completed denuclearization and not before that.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov said Russia would urge UN Security Council member countries to withdraw sanctions against North Korea as it has demonstrated action toward denuclearization. Russian officials have denied that the country is violating sanctions against North Koreans.

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The UN has introduced a series of sanctions against North Korea in response to the successive launching of missiles and the conduct of nuclear tests. The organization in particular has restricted oil exports to Pyongyang, banned textile imports from North Korea as well as the country’s access to liquid gas.

The US has targeted North Korea since the armistice was made to bring peace on the Korean peninsula in the aftermath of the Korean War. North Korea is an independent and sovereign state that has not allowed Western capitalists to flood the country and exploit its natural resources and human labor. For this reason it is continually targeted by Washington as it follows an independent policy that aims to benefit its citizens.

In addition, North Korea is a strong ally of China. China’s growth has meant that the world is not longer unipolar and the Asian giant is able to challenge US hegemony around the globe.

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