US coalition has withdrawn ISIS fighters from Deir ez-Zor


The US-led international coalition has withdrawn several militants from the ISIS terrorist group from the eastern Syrian desert province of Deir ez-Zor, Syrian media reported, citing local sources.

According to the SANA agency, the coalition’s military made a landing near the village of Al-Murashida, where ISIS forces are concentrated, and led “clerks” from the group in an unknown direction.

The US and its allies have fought an operation against ISIS territories of Syria and Iraq since 2014 without endorsement by Damascus, and made little progress until the Russian intervention in September 2015. In fact, ISIS even expanded when the US intervention began.

In early September, militants attacked the positions of the Syrian army at a distance of 36 kilometers east of Palmyra. They have tried to advance from the Al-Tanf region. Two militants were killed, two others were held hostage and testified. In particular, they told how they planned to carry out a series of bombings in Palmyra and guarantee access to the city to other terrorists.

Also according to the testimony, the militants belonged to the Eastern Lions, composed of about 500 men. In fact, its training camp was located near the region of Al-Tanf, that is, near a US military base. One of the captured terrorists said his group had been trained even by US instructors and supplied with weapons and ammunition produced in the same country.

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Despite this, US President Donald Trump told a news conference on Tuesday that he will make a very quick decision on the withdrawal of US troops from Syria as soon as ISIS is eradicated.

Trump also took the opportunity to comment that the situation of the Russian plane Il-20 shot down in Syria “is not a good one”.

Trump before becoming president promised to withdraw troops from Syria, but he keeps delaying this movement to ensure that US hegemonic designs are still being carried out in Syria, to no avail.

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