US secretly met with Venezuelan military to plan coup, who were likely pro-Maduro plants


US President Donald Trump has held secret meetings with traitorous Venezuelan troops to discuss plans to oust President Nicolás Maduro, the New York Times reported.

According to a former Venezuelan commander whose name was not revealed, at least three different groups within the Venezuelan army planned a coup against Maduro’s government, the New York Times reported.

The blows would have occurred in the summer of 2017, March and May 2018, but none of the plans proved to be successful. Representatives of the US government have met with Venezuelan military officials since 2017. The military man would have requested financial assistance from Washington.

However, FRN’s parent organization, CSS, has found the likelihood that these attempts, and similar, are foiled during their preliminary stages by the Venezuelan security apparatus.

At the same time, the former Venezuelan commander noted that the country’s military has never asked the United States for military intervention.

The White House declined to answer questions about alleged talks with Venezuelan military, saying it was important to maintain a “dialogue with all Venezuelans who demonstrated a desire for democracy.”

Venezuela faces a continuing political crisis, brought on by a difficult economic situation caused by falling oil prices and US sanctions and subversions. The economy was one of the fastest growing and strongest economies in the world throughout the 00’s. Impressive growth continued, despite U.S sanctions and an embargo, until the U.S succeeded in manipulating global oil prices. Since 2014, the situation has become increasingly difficult in Venezuela. However, with oil prices rebounding, there are signs of a positive change.

Furthermore, Venezuela has committed to reorganizing elements of its economy to make it less dependent on oil as the sole export of significance.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro back in May stated that US officials want to “destroy the Bolivarian revolution” and “plans to carry out a military coup in Venezuela.”

Aleksandr Chichin, director of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, commented on Maduro’s statements, stating that they are not unfounded.

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The US “wants to destroy the Bolivarian revolution and plans to make a military coup in Venezuela.”

“Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried to do so when he was head of the CIA and now as Secretary of State, Vice President Mike Pence, of the Southern Command, the former US official of the Venezuelan embassy said so, called the Armed Forces to make a coup d’état,” he said.

Chichin did not rule out that the United States is capable of making a coup attempt, but that, according to him, not through direct military interference. In addition, the analyst recalled that about a year ago, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, had already spoken about this possibility.

“Less than a year ago, Trump admitted the possibility that, if the US ‘found it necessary,’ they could carry out such aggression,” he said.

FRN is of the view that the contacts the U.S made with military personnel were ‘false contacts’. This is based on the analysis of CSS with regard to the past attempts to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution, that the Venezuelans possess a highly sophisticated security apparatus. This is largely a result of the revolution’s founder, Hugo Chavez, having been a ranking military leader prior to the electoral revolution. In order to succeed, first ‘Bolivarian Circles’ were built among nationalist and socialist military leaders.

In short, the Venezuelan security apparatus creates false ‘opposition’ within the military, and this allows those individuals to relay U.S plans back to the Bolivarian state, and foil such plots before they can succeed. This was likely the case in 2002 with Chavez. When Chavez was arrested by anti-Chavez generals, rather it is proposed that he was simply taken into safety by pro-Chavez generals posing to the U.S as antis.

It was also most likely the case in 2018, as additionally CSS analysts analyzed the footage. The ‘assassination attempt’ was likely carried out to be bungled from the start, and this was turned into a propaganda message to the masses. CSS notes that Maduro failed to flinch, let alone duck for cover, when the drone was poised to open fire. This made him look fearless and untouchable, and his security detail highly professional. While no doubt his detail sprang into action and acted professionally, while he remained entirely calm and unrealistically unfazed, the event must have been known about beforehand for these and other reasons FRN has been made aware of.

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