VIDEO – Quick and Powerful: More Details on New Russian Anti-aircraft Missile System


Russia’s Defense Ministry has revealed details of the tactical and technical characteristics of the new Russian Sosna anti-aircraft missile system, which was launched at the end of August under the International Technical-Military Forum ARMY 2018.

The uniqueness of the new system, whose main function is to protect military installations from air strikes, is in the various innovations developed by Russian engineers, said Vladimir Ukleev, the chief of the anti-aircraft missile system, quoted by the Russian Ministry of Defense in the Zvezda newspaper .

Sosna can be used in all types of combat operations, even in progress. During exercises, the system successfully fired at “enemy” targets at speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.

This incredible combat vehicle is capable of operating effectively under any weather conditions, as well as in conditions of reduced visibility, and even in the presence of natural or artificial interference created by the enemy.

In addition, it has the ability to act against ground targets by destroying light shielded targets – a fact that has been successfully tested during the testing phase.

The Sosna system is equipped with 12 Sosna-R 9M340 anti-aircraft guided missiles, which can reach targets flying at speeds of up to three miles (300 m / s), cruise missiles at speeds of up to 250 m / s and helicopters at 100 m /s. The missiles can also be used against drones.

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Earlier this year, the Russian Ministry of Defense has posted on its YouTube page a video of test launches of the Tor-M2DT missile system in the Arkhangelsk region of the Kapustin Yar polygon.

The maneuvers were performed under conditions of active radio interference, while conventional targets mimicked the behavior of aerial targets of potential enemy. In addition, during the tests the accuracy of the system with burst fire was tested.

Now the system will have to undergo tests of air transport and weather tests in the Arctic.

For the first time the new weapon was introduced in 2017 during the annual Victory Parade. It is able to perform combat missions under any conditions, even in situations of active electronic warfare. It is noted that the Tor-M2DT has the ability to eliminate four targets at the same time.

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