Vucic says Milosevic was “A Great Leader” – This is Why He’s Right

By John Bosnitch


Editor’s note: Recently, Serbian President Vucic defended the work and actions of former Yugoslav and then Serbian leader, Milosevic, calling him a ‘great leader’. The European Union had a fit over this statement, and said: “Reconciliation, normalization and good neighborly relations will only be possible if policies of the past are rejected and overcome.”, according to European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic, who added that these policies, “as it is well known, have caused decades of misery and suffering to the Western Balkans and the people there.

Kocijancic was responding when asked by a journalist in Brussels about the European Union’s position on Sunday’s statement made by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who said that “(former Serbian President Slobodan) Milosevic was a great leader who had the best intentions.”

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini’s spokeswoman said that “there must be no space, ambiguity, or respect for those who have conducted those policies or actions.”

“The rules for international and domestic forces are clear here,” Kocijancic said, highlighting that “reconciliation and good neighborly relations are the essence on which the European Union rests.”

She added that “all partners in the region have a clear European perspective and therefore are required to respect these principles.”

Kocijancic pointed out to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker saying this past weekend that “nationalism has never produced solutions, but only problems.”


By John Bosnitch – I share Vucic’s view of Milosevic. Slobodan Milosevic ended the single-party communist dictatorship without selling out to NATO or the banksters. He understood finance better than they did and led a decade-long defense against 19 aggressor states to save Kosovo.

No other would-be Serbian leader was better. US candidates Vuk Draskovic, Milan Panic and Michael Djordjevic served foreign masters. Germany’s man, Zoran Djindjic, never got 20% support and his masters snuffed him when he hesitated on giving up Kosovo.

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Vojislav Kostunica (Madeleine Albright’s favorite) pledged to make Serbia “normal”… like the US colonies of EUrope, He broke a solemn oath by sending Milosevic to his death-by-poisoning at the Hague, also thus violating the Constitutional law against extradition despite posing as a “constitutional lawyer”.

I came to Serbia in the 1990s as a visiting journalist based in Japan. I am the son of a highly decorated Yugoslav royal officer, grandson of a commander of the royal guard, distant cousin of our last king, and a member of a noble family that served under Tsar Dusan.

The “communist” Milosevic received me with open arms, helping to bring my Bosnić family home after more than a half century in exile. Not just that, he allowed me, as a “class enemy” to act *uncensored* as the head of the English sections at both RTS (Radio-Television Serbia) and TANJUG (the national news agency).

Despite being accused of every false crime that the lying MSM could ever invent, a global hunt for Milosevic’s fabled “stolen billions” finally ended very quietly when Interpol confirmed they had found no evidence whatsoever of any such crime.

Fighting to the death despite all betrayals, the endless flood of lies, and his own weakening health, Milosevic died a tragic hero in the footsteps of the great Gallic king and chieftain Vercingetorix, whose prolonged guerrilla war against Julius Caesar’s invading imperial legions inspires real OTPOR (resistance) to every empire to this very day.

But isn’t Vucic today giving up Kosovo, with the land-swap proposal?   I don’t think Vucic is giving the Albanians anything at all. He is instead making them an offer that they can never accept, allowing himself to blame them for the lack of a “settlement”. He is in effect, reversing the ploy used at Rambouillet against Milosevic, in which they Albanians “accepted” a NATO demand that they knew they would never have to fulfill. These “talks” are moving into “grandmaster” levels and the Albanians can barely play checkers.


John Bosnitch is a Canadian-born consultant of Serbian, Sorbian and English ancestry active in North America, Asia and Europe as an advisor to heads of state, PR & information specialist, journalist-editor, campaign manager, rights advocate, legal counsel, movement organizer, business developer, and politico-economic strategy coordinator. He has appeared on mainstream and alternative media worldwide as a commentator and guest analyst.

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