War on the Cheap? Ukraine to Receive Just $250 million to ‘Fight Russian Aggression’


A budget bill, signed by US President Donald Trump, foresees a paltry $250 million to help Ukraine, the Ukrainian embassy’s press service in the United States reported.

Earlier, the White House press service reported that Trump had signed a budget bill extending funding for US government work until December 7. The signed budget includes spending on defense, education, social and health programs.

The total allocation for fiscal year 2019, which begins on October 1, exceeds $850 billion, of which $675 billion is earmarked for defense. The bill is intended to fund the US military until September 30, 2019.

“US President Donald Trump has previously signed the Congressional Priorities for Defense Requirements for 2019. Thus, the amount of assistance to our state security and defense sent by the Pentagon has increased by $50 million compared to the 2018 budget,” the embassy said on its Facebook .

In addition, the embassy added that Ukraine values ​​the growing support of its main strategic partner, the US, with the aim of “strengthening the state’s defense capability and combating Russian aggression.”

This comes as the president of Ukraine, Pyotr Poroshenko, declared that his country is indeed the eastern flank of NATO.

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The Ukrainian president visited the base of the US Coast Guard in Baltimore, where the ceremony of delivery to Kiev of two decommissioned patrol boats took place.

“Ukraine is indeed the eastern flank of NATO, and this gesture of support has strengthened military cooperation between our countries,” Poroshenko said.

According to him, the delivery of the boats confirms “the importance of Ukraine for the future of the whole free world”.

Poroshenko said that to date Kiev has received more than one billion dollars from Washington as “security support”, including as assistance in reforming the Ukrainian defense sector and introducing the law on national security. According to him, the Ukrainian army is becoming compatible with the US Armed Forces and with NATO.

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