What are the chances of Washington attacking Russian positions in Syria?


US President Donald Trump is considering attacking Russian forces in Syria, US media reports. Political scientist Karine Gevorgyan spoke about whether or not Washington will take such a step.

Donald Trump is considering the possibility of attacking Russian and Iranian positions in Syria, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing White House officials who preferred to remain anonymous.

The newspaper sources reported that Syrian President Bashar Assad “approved the use of chlorine during the attack on the last major militant stronghold in the country” in Idlib province. Such an operation, in turn, could provoke an attack by American forces, the edition adds.

However, political scientist Karine Gevorgyan stressed the improbability of attacking Russian forces by the Americans.

“I believe that attacking Russian forces will not happen because there are no special foundations, and the US military has expressed fears about risks associated with possible fighting with Russian forces, but the US may attack Syrian forces. They accuse Assad of using chlorine”, opines the analyst.

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For Karine Gevorgyan, the situation is importunate and unstable. It is a “game of nerves,” which is aggravated by the intrigue surrounding Trump and his administration in Washington, so it is possible provocations of any kind.

“Trump’s opponents may try to create a difficult situation for him through a Syrian theater of military action. They do not even hide that they lead him to impeachment – for them all measures are good. I know, they interact very politely with the Russian military. Here all the hope lies in the hands of these soldiers who resist provocations,” he added.

In recent weeks, the Russian Defense Ministry has warned repeatedly about provocations with the use of chemical weapons to be prepared by terrorists giving a pretext for the United States, France and the United Kingdom to attack Syria. The three countries have already launched air strikes on Syrian government facilities in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons.

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