What rift between India and Russia? Some alt-media selling a lie

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By James Porrazzo, Founder of New Resistance – For those unaware among us, let me put you on to a painful truth. Many in the alt-media are essentially prostitutes. Meaning they get their political line from the pimp countries that pay them. One of these pimp countries, increasingly, is Pakistan, of all places.

The wise among you will avoid the attempts to discredit India and Prime Minister Modi based on writing coming from these sources. They pretend he and President Putin have some sort of rift with each other, when time and again this has proven to not be the case.

They pretend India violates “human rights” and is “fascist” when any sane person knows a Muslim in India is much, much better off than a Hindu, Sikh, or Buddhist in Pakistan.

India, just like Russia, and the United States, all look out for their own interests first. Sometimes they align and sometimes the don’t. None should be criticized for “nationalism” when any sane country looks after their own national interests before that of others, especially discussing countries or communities who are actively hostile to them.

This is the foundation of a multipolar world.

So when you consider some of the Pakastani-paid criticism of India, President Modi and his party use your sense and view it through the proper lens.

A letter from President Putin to Prime Minister Modi follows.

“Esteemed Mr. Prime Minister,

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Kindly accept cordial greetings on the national day – the Republic Day.

The achievements of your country in economic, social, scientific, technical and other spheres are well known. India makes an important contribution to ensuring international stability and security, to solving issues of the regional and global agenda.

Russia values the relations of special and privileged strategic partnership with India. i am convinced that through joint efforts we will bring about further development of bilateral political dialogue, fruitful cooperation across all sectors as well as constructive interaction in global affairs. undoubtedly, it meets the core interests of friendly peoples of our countries.

I full-heartedly wish you good health and success, and to all citizens of India – well-being and prosperity.

V Putin,
President of the Russian Federation”


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