What will 5th Generation Chinese Fighters do in Russia?

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Russia and China demonstrated capabilities to cooperate militarily in the Russian Vostok 2018 maneuvers, so much so that the Chinese military were invited to attend the MAKS 2019 aerospace show.

The Asian giant, in turn, accepted the proposal to be Russia’s partner in holding the event, Russian Trade and Industry Minister Denis Manturov said, adding to a change in the format of the event that will take place in the summer of 2019.

China will have a great opportunity to demonstrate its technological advances in the aeronautics sector during MAKS 2019, in addition, it is clear evidence of the strong cooperation between the two countries, according to an article published by Military Watch magazine.

For the event, a demonstration of the Chinese fifth-generation J-20 fighter, the J-10C fighter and possibly another fifth-generation Chinese fighter J-31 is planned. It is noteworthy that much of the Chinese Air Force is composed of aircraft derived from the Russian Su-27.

The training will took place from 11 to 17 September, led by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, and was the largest in the last 37 years.

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The maneuvers involved nearly 300,000 military personnel from the Eastern and Central Military District, Northern Fleet forces, Airborne Troop units, Aerospace Force aviation, including strategic aviation. In addition, military personnel from China and Mongolia are participating in the maneuvers.

Before the training began, director of the Center for the Study of Applied Social Security Problems, Aleksandr Zhilin, said:

“I want to emphasize in particular that it is not just a matter of attracting personnel and a large amount of military equipment, airplanes, armored vehicles, tanks and so on. These are command exercises, using new technologies, with an ally like China. They are very important components, because we have in fact shown that the East is protected by two great powers.”

“Earlier, when we held joint exercises with China, the command system was another – China set aside and ran its forces independently. Now the whole military show we see is being run by single centers, which is very important,” commented Aleksandr Zhilin.

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