Why do Russian radars detect ‘invisible’ US fighters?


US poachers can be detected by Russian anti-aircraft radars. A military expert has explained why Russian systems can “see” the so-called “invisible planes.”

Modern Russian radars are equipped with active electronic systems, analyst Aleskei Leonkov told Russian channel Zvezda. This not only enhances the power and sensitivity of the equipment, but also enables it to detect multiple targets and process signals to eliminate interference.

“The most important feature of these radars is the ability to control the area in different frequency bands at the same time,” said the specialist.

That is, US stealth aircraft are designed to be invulnerable to the most modern ground-based radars installed on airplanes, which use the X-band of the electromagnetic spectrum. In turn, older radars used the L-band radio frequency.

Now in Russia, there are also radars that use both bands and therefore some radars easily record “invisible” aircraft.

In addition, Russian radars are equipped with optoelectronic systems. Therefore, they can still detect targets either in the visible optical range or in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum.

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“Information that the Russians have no problem spotting the stealth aircraft in the sky caught the Americans by surprise, they have already manufactured 195 F-22 units, 21 B-2 bombers and 305 F-35 fighters, spending in total more than US $ 170 billion,” said Leonkov.

In addition, the analyst added that Russian defense systems can also identify US tanks and stealth vessels.

Meanwhile, according to the American magazine Popular Mechanics, Russian engineers have managed to create one of the world’s most deadly precision rifles. This is the last modification of the MTs-116M, compatible with silent cartridges of 12.7 mm.

The unique peculiarity of the weapon is due to its high capacity of penetration, while being completely silent. In its basic version, the rifle, destined to special units for combat in urban conditions, was elaborated still in 1997, being compatible with cartridges of 7.62 mm and having an effective range of shot of up to 800 meters.

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